Carl Cox: ‘Nowhere else in the world has THIS vibe’

By Michelle Robertson, Space Magazine

To put it mildly, Carl Cox completely smashed Space Opening Fiesta 2012 and the impromptu two hours extra he gave on the decks was the icing on the cake for a mouth-watering start to the Ibiza 2012 season. Catching up with the king of techno in an exclusive interview, our partners in taking you behind the music, Space Ibiza Magazine, get the inside track on Carl’s memories, his inspirations, and opening golden opportunities for aspiring DJs…

C.Cox - 2008

‘Before the Opening Fiesta you can feel the energy building all over the island,’ says Carl. ‘This accentuates the fact Ibiza is ready for business again and for me, there’s no-where else in the world that has THIS vibe. This is why people keep coming back year after year – they walk through the doors of Space and it’s like – WOW! THIS is what I’m talking about!’

As the final bolts are fixed in the car park arena, aka the Flight Deck and the temporary construction is almost complete at one of the biggest opening parties on the planet, Carl is understandably excited about returning to Space, the club where he’s played almost every opening since 1985.

Firstly, he knows he’s going to stay up the night before. He’s got such a full-on agenda in the days running up to the opening, and figures there’s no point going to bed the night before he plays (the man has stamina!). His schedule includes a hotly-anticipated beachside set for the opening of Sands, rocking Dalt Vila as part of the International Music Summit and then aside from getting ready for his return ‘home’ at Space, having a little down time to enjoy a few other events happening in the same weekend.


Carl’s outdoor throne at the head of the Flight Deck is the spot which holds the fondest memories for him of parties gone past, in particular, the very first year when Space took the music from inside, outside.

‘My best memory I reckon was when they moved the party into the car park for the very first time. Now, the car park is ready to walk into, with the bars and the big stage, but it wasn’t like that to begin with. It was just a car park! No roof, just a couple of bars in the corner. But the vibe was amazing and for the very first time, we were able to take the open-air terrace experience and basically have five times more people enjoying the same atmosphere outside of the terrace, and outside of an air-conditioned club. You had your sun on the skin and the music was very Ibiza – beautifully constructed house music.’

Return to Ibiza 2012 and Carl is now preparing for this year’s Revolution Recruits beginning on Tuesday July 3. This season, Carl is offering the golden chance of playing alongside him at Space to some fresh new talent.

From the man who rates his absolute idol as Mohammad Ali, Carl opens the doors of opportunity to those who have fought hard to impress him. Welcome to the winning army.

Space Magazine Interview, Carl Cox