Wedding planning 101: Michaël Janitor

Aoraki, Ibiza wedding planners

With an impressive reputation preceding him, plus all the right contacts on the island, Michaël Janitor relocated from Paris to Ibiza in 2009 to launch Ibiza wedding planning company Aoraki. Chic, cool and creative weddings are his specialty, attention to detail his forte and imagination his middle name! Here, he shares five tips to ensure your relationship with your wedding planner is the (second) most important one on your big day!

Bond with your wedding planner. This is the person you are entrusting with every last detail of your one and only wedding day. You need to have one hundred percent faith in them. ‘The first moments when you meet are so important,’ Michaël says. ‘You must be sure about them – do they answer your calls and emails quickly? Do they listen to your needs? Have you seen photos of their previous events? Above all, do they respect your mother’s opinions?’ Your wedding planner is about to become your new BFF for the next 12 months or so, so it’s essential you are confident in their abilities and also, that you actually like them!

Ask a lot of questions. It’s your wedding, your money and your experience, so you’re entitled to ask questions every step of the way. And it’s a two-way street – your wedding planner should be asking a million questions of you. How else can they understand your personality and help make your wedding completely unique to you? You’re new BFF’s remember… no secrets! ‘I spend a lot of time asking my clients questions throughout the process to determine what they really want,’ Michaël says. ‘And they are always asking my opinion on everything too, what I think about certain flowers or colours or suppliers, because they trust my judgment and experience.’

Accept not everything is possible. If your wedding planner tells you that they can make anything happen, they’re not being completely honest with you. ‘This is Ibiza in 2012, not 15 years ago,’ explains Michaël. ‘We have to be clear with you – there are things that just can’t happen here, like wedding parties in private villas with music until 5am. It’s not possible anymore – the Guardia Civil will shut it down and ruin your day.’ There are also things like seasonal flowers that aren’t practical in Ibiza’s hot summer heat and would wilt in five minutes, and the fact that David Guetta is not available to DJ at your wedding on a Thursday night. He’d like to, but he has a job too you know!

Have impeccably high standards. Sure, not everything is possible but service with a smile on your wedding day goes a long way towards making ti even more memorable. ‘For me, the catering, staff and service at a wedding is so important. You have to source the best of everything to suit that client, whether it’s the very best Jewish catering or the performers from Supperclub being flown in for entertainment. I love it when a client is asking for something very special and we can make it happen.’ Your wedding day should be guaranteed to exceed your expectations!

Don’t stress. The reason you hire a wedding planner is to prevent (or diffuse) any potential bridezilla moments. And if something (unfortunately) does go wrong, don’t be stressed if your wedding planner doesn’t seem stress! ‘There are always stressful situations,’ says Michaël. ‘But you must approach them with a positive attitude. If your client thinks you are stressed, they will become stressed and then as a wedding planner, you’re not doing your job. You need to be able to alleviate stress and provide fast solutions to stressful situations.’ That’s what you pay them for!

Aoraki, Ibiza wedding planners