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Ibiza has long been famous for its inhabitants’ penchance for night time activities – but before you hit the restaurants, bars and clubs, there’s always that post-beach, pre-party gap to fill at home. As much of our summer lives are spent alfresco, well designed lighting can completely transform the style, atmosphere and ambience of our settings, making the environment even more striking and enjoyable after dark.

Ibiza project manager Gray Gillot of Amber Developments focuses as much attention on illumination in his projects as he does on maximising the island’s stunning natural light by day. “Good design means using less lighting not more,” says Gray. “If designed properly, the same effects can be achieved using 50% less fittings.” Whether a new build, complete overhaul of a rustic finca or a single element project such as a new swimming pool, after dark aesthetics are always part of his carefully executed plans.

External illumination can, quite simply, have a magical, transformative effect on your villa. Creating an additional level of elegance and sophistication, soft, subtle lighting serves not only to light up your nightlife, but also keep your property safe from intruders and make it easy to navigate and enjoy. Think ambient lighting on villa walls, spectacularly lit pools, pathways fitted with footlights, gardens and palm trees illuminated with uplights and trees strung with pendants or globes – the possibilities are endless.

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Cool new technology includes lighting set on special sensors that can be increased as the natural lighting surrounding it slowly dims at dusk – perfect for gardens and terrace chill out spaces. Why get out off your daybed to switch on the lights when technology can do it for you?

It’s not only outside where clever illumination comes into play – Gray says effective internal lighting can make small rooms and tight spaces look larger. While older fincas have often been associated with being dark and dimly lit in the past, today’s twist on designs – including footlights on stairs, cleverly disguised focus lighting drawing attention to architectural detailing such as Sabina beam ceilings and uplights in shelves and alcoves – serve to enhance the space, creating a warm, inviting ambience.

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In addition to built-in lighting solutions, Amber Developments can source, or arrange for custom-made lamps and light fittings to suit the style and design of your project – be it beautiful Moroccan glass lanterns, modern pendant styles or a cool contemporary take on the Edison bulb.

Finally, conscious of the ever-increasing costs of electricity in Ibiza, Amber Developments always install the most up-to-date and economical LED fittings and low energy bulbs, which still provide a beautiful and striking ambience but help lighten up the monthly bills – no pun intended!

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Amber Developments, Ibiza project management

Amber Developments, Ibiza project management