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The real Ibiza

Ibiza interior designer Ibiza Katrina Phillips at her home base in San Juan

“I’m very happy here,” says Ibiza interior designer Ibiza Katrina Phillips of her home base in San Juan. “I feel like this is the real Ibiza.

The neighbourhood shop is open all year round, I see my neighbour taking his dog and his horse for a walk every day – and when I open my window, it’s like the most beautiful picture window out into the countryside.” 

Dividing her time between London and Ibiza, Katrina – who recently opened a new interiors store on the road between Ibiza and Santa Eulalia – transformed a basic Ibiza casita from the inside out into a lush, liveable landscape.

From a gorgeous day bed completely surrounded by mint (“So my children can make mojitos when they come to visit.”) and lemon balm to a meditation garden space surrounded by lavender buzzing with hundreds of bees (“They never touch you.”), beautiful fennel blowing in the wind and wild chard, spinach and other vegetables peppered across the land, the feeling outside is of a wild, Mediterranean garden (even if it did have a little help from Katrina’s friends!).

The neighbouring horse trots over to say hello as he hears Katrina crunching through the dry land near the fence, sporting a beautiful aqua fringe piece made by his owner. “We play badminton over there,” says Katrina, motioning to a beautiful lush patch of grass. “And I’m planting avocado trees, more fruit trees – you really could live off this land.”

Inside the casita, Katrina’s personal style is evident – earthy, natural and authentically bohemian, without any sense of being contrived. Ancient fossils sit alongside pressed flowers, and strands of beads are thrown over ceramic bowls and huge rustic wooden tables while tribal feather headpieces adorn the walls like works of art. Echoing the style of her store, where each and every piece has a story, the house feels like the home of a well-travelled collector with style.

“I love my work here, and I love it in London, but I think Ibiza is the most amazing place on earth,” Katrina says with confidence. “And I’ve been everywhere. The mixture of people, and the feeling of community here is just amazing. It can be glamorous or it can be laidback – I like being able to have both.”

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