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Meet the Blakstad team – Xavier Blesa

Project manager and master architect Xavier Blesa brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience to Ibiza’s top design firm.

Born and bred on the mainland of Barcelona, project manager and master architect Xavier Blesa brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience to Ibiza’s top design firm specialising in ancient traditional Ibicenco architecture, Blakstad Design Consultants.

In the company’s stylish San Lorenzo design office, you can find Xavier focused on managing and coordinating all the various projects underway while allocating the array of resources needed. Xavier explains he’s a project manager who is very hands on. “I am very involved personally as a director or I assign the other experienced architects to complete and carry out tasks as needed; nevertheless, I am always informed of what happens in each project to maintain and ensure a high quality of standard across the board.”

This type of dedication comes from the vast experience gained in all aspects of architectural design while developing his career in Barcelona. Having earned a Master in Architecture from the Technical school of Architecture in 2006, Xavier put his sights on project management and was certified by 2012. “I learned to think of projects from every point of view, understanding the creative process behind a design, which is a mixture of knowledge, technique and intuition.” Xavier’s favourite element of working with the renowned Blakstad design firm is the philosophy in which they work and the pride that comes with it, “We build traditional Ibicencan architecture updated to modern standards without destroying the essence of the island.” Of course, unexpected obstacles and challenges may rear themselves in the design process, and Xavier is well prepared for them, “The level of professional standards represented in the office speaks for itself. I love working with clients in an ever changing environment and having the ability to overcome challenges and any problems that may arise.” With a passion for everything creative going on underneath the roof at Blakstad Design Consultants, Xavier’s work has led him to believe that the most important aspect that characterises his profession, “Is the ability to survive in a constantly changing environment. The projects begin and end in relatively short time periods and involve so much creativity.” Committed to ensuring each project is efficiently completed Xavier believe it’s important to be proud of what you’re doing in each moment, “All of our projects are special because they are designed specifically for each customer with their own special requirements. This makes you feel proud of each project that leaves the office.”

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