Meet the team: Villa Contact


Twins, Clea and Tom Gray, their older brother Robbie Gray and his partner, Suzanne Griep are the powers behind Villa Contact – a highly experienced team of Ibiza property sales agents. The Grays were born and bred in Ibiza – read more about the family history behind the business here – while Suzanne hails from Holland, and all four are passionate about the island and sharing it with those who choose to call it home. We went behind the scenes at the newly renovated Villa Contact offices to find out more about work and family life balance, office politics and the future of Ibiza…

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Villa Contact, Ibiza villa agency

Clea Gray. ”We spend way too much time talking about work,” says Clea when asked about her family life away from Villa Contact. “There’s no off switch, but we love it.”

When it comes to her work, Clea loves making new friends and helping people through the buying process, even when it gets tough – and it does. “It’s hard to work on a constantly evolving brief, when you’re getting people to decide on what they really want and need. It takes time and many visits.” But when they do find ‘the one’, the gratification kicks in. “I love seeing ecstatically happy, smiley faces holding the keys to their new home.”

Being a true born and bred island girl means Clea has seen the island adapt and evolve with the times (“But if you know what you’re looking for, you can still find it.”) and she’d love to see more positive reports on the island’s image. “I would love to see more programs on Ibiza disclosing the island’s unique flora, fauna and cultural heritage. More Ibiza Discovered than Ibiza Uncovered.”


Villa Contact, Ibiza villa agency

Tom Gray. ”Ibiza has become one of the most expensive places in the world and things are going swimmingly for now but I think it is important for the island to appreciate in what direction it is headed and make sure that it doesn’t get too greedy,” says Tom, who would like to see a shift towards more year-round tourism.

Citing the mild climate, clear sea and pure air and the colours and contrasts created by the winter sun as just the beginning of the motivation for airlines to create more direct flight routes in the winter, he believes the entire world could discover and enjoy Ibiza’s bounties. “This would allow hotels, agroturismos and other sporting and entertainment venues to open all year round on the island.”

In terms of working closely with his siblings, Tom says while diplomacy tends to take a back seat, it’s not as bad as some people make it out to be. “We know each other well and enjoy each other’s company which helps!” In addition to family, he says it’s the people he encounters on a daily basis who keep his job interesting. “We meet buyers, sellers from all walks of life that all share the same devotion for the island as we do and most become good friends over the years.”

Villa Contact, Ibiza villa agency

Robbie Gray. ”I love experiencing life in Ibiza from the very personal perspective of our clients’ homes and family life,” says Robbie. “Being the son of parents who chose to move to Ibiza in the ‘70s, it is an endless challenge and a source of fascination to meet, befriend and advise people in the process of making the same move, and to utilise my local and professional experience to advise them on a very important financial and life-changing decision. Whether it be moving here, buying a holiday home, or selling up and leaving to move onto pastures new, it’s a real privilege.”

A firm believer that the priority for development in Ibiza should always be the long-term prosperity of island residents, Robbie would like to see more promotion of Ibiza as a year-round destination.” Sustainable tourism is a very worthy goal,” he says. “I’d like to see more varied cultural events and performances throughout the year, to complement the world-famous electronic music and party scene.”

Robbie says the biggest challenges working alongside his siblings and partner is getting everything done while keeping things light. “You know each other inside out, which means there’s no room for any BS!”

Villa Contact, Ibiza villa agency

Suzanne Griep. “Working with the Gray clan is the most challenging thing about my job,” laughs Suzanne. “Just kidding! Although aways talking about work over dinner and out of the office can get annoying for other people!”

As the only member of the Villa Contact team who doesn’t hail from the island, the Holland-born team member looks at the changes and redevelopments on the island with a slightly different view to her partner and his siblings. “I like the fact that Ibiza is constantly evolving and keeping pace with developments elsewhere whilst still preserving its own identity and style,” she says. “More winter tourism would be great, not necessarily the party crowd, but people who want to enjoy the serenity, peace and quiet.”

Through her work, Suzanne enjoys helping people realise their dreams and making new friends, though combining this with managing her clients’ expectations can be tricky at times. “Ibiza property prices are sometimes higher than people realise!”