Ibiza living

A model home…

Tanja Ting & Lars Bruun's stylish countryside home

In the heart of the island, nestled in a valley in the San Rafael countryside, Danish couple Tanja Ting and Lars Bruun live in a stylish four-bedroom Ibiza home with their two gorgeous children Nika, 6 and Zeelas, 7.

With stunning views out to sea and of the magical Ibiza sunset, the house is designed with outdoor living, relaxing and dining in mind. Tanja – an ex-model turned jewellery designer – says the comfortable armchairs on the terrace are her favourite spot in the entire house, where you can just relax and take everything in.

Lars – the brains behind successful property company Zan Ibiza Real Estate – sits at the rustic dining table, checking emails and fielding phone calls while the little ones tuck into an after-school snack before the entire family retreats the grassy rear of the house, for a good old fashioned game of croquet (note: Zeelas always wins!).

Rustic, handmade swings (Lars’s creations, inspired by old pieces of wood found on the property) are strung from various vantage points of the home, a mini football field is set up to one side, the swimming pool sparkles in the sunlight and a super cool tree house has been constructed for this clearly ‘outdoorsy’ family.

‘We thought it was very important for the kids to have an outdoor grassy area to play on,’ says Lars, of their inspiration when looking for a home in Ibiza. ‘We didn’t want them growing up playing on a wooden villa deck.’

Most of the simplistic chic furnishing was brought over from Denmark, including a gorgeous chandelier that once belonged to Lars’s grandmother, given a new lease of life with edgy red bulbs while blown up photographs (taken by Lars) of the family adorn the walls within the house, cool coffee table books give a nod to the couple’s keen eyes for style and design.

‘We wanted true Ibiza style, not something that you could find in LA,’ says Tanja of her home’s chic yet homely aesthetic. At that point one very friendly Ibiza wild cat who has ‘adopted’ the family walks in, and it seems as though this model family has got the Ibiza vibe down pat!