Ibiza living

Everybody in the house of love

At home with Emma, Garry, Maya & Noah

The gorgeous Cala Carbo home of Spiritual Gypsy designer Emma David truly exudes love, starting with a warm, welcoming vibe from the minute you enter the front door.

Photos: Maria Simon

Maybe it’s because you are greeted with that spectacular, calming view of Es Vedra or perhaps it’s because the message is quite literally bursting from the wall in a splash of pop art and neon lighting, but one thing’s for sure: love is definitely all around us!

The stylish, two-floor, three-bedroom Ibiza apartment is home to Emma, her partner (in love and businessGarry McManus, a photographer and videographer, plus Emma’s 13-year old daughter Maya and nine-week old baby son Noah. Oh, and not forgetting the ever-so handsome Hercules and his feline cohort Shiva.

It’s clear creativity rules the roost in this colourful abode, most noticeably with Emma’s impressive art collection, amassed over the past 15 years. A combination of striking pop art pieces, intricate ethnic wooden carvings, collectable movie posters and modern fashion photography line the walls of the apartment, breathing life and personality into each unique room. ‘I love what art does to a room,’ she says. ‘Everything in the room could be really pale, and you add two or three pieces of art with colour in it and it completely changes.’

Positive affirmations are also prominent throughout the house, from pictures and painted stencils to bookcases lined with self-help books (‘I’m a sucker for them,’ admits Emma, laughing), angel cards and crystals. Zen and the art of decorating perhaps?

The feeling of zen throughout Emma’s home is no surprise. Having traveled extensively through India, she identifies strongly with symbolism and spirituality and is also a practicing yoga teacher. This summer sees Emma and Garry launch a series of new Infin8 Ibiza Retreats, exploring yoga, meditation, nutrition, wellbeing and much more.

Downstairs Emma’s design studio is a flurry of feathers, sparkles, beads and more, and comes complete with decks set up for impromptu parties (with Garry on resident DJ duties) on a unique DIY set up of neon-sprayed tyres and a wooden bench. Splashes of vibrant colour liven up each room, with Emma’s penchance for pink becoming apparent (‘Pink makes me happy!’) throughout the space.

Stunning sunsets over Es Vedra are nature’s coincidentally colourful contribution to this happy abode – one gets the feeling this IS the place where you can live happily ever after…