Interview: Carl Cox

Carl Cox

Photography by Ana Lui

With the opening party for his ninth season at Space looming, Carl Cox is busy putting the finishing touches on his new album so he can relax, enjoy and make the most of his ‘part-time’ home of Ibiza. We squeezed in a quick chat with the legendary techno DJ – who first came to Ibiza in 1984 and has returned every year since – to talk about his relationship with the island and the exciting season ahead…

26 years is more than half your life! What keeps you coming back?
There’s nowhere else like it. I’ve been everywhere in the world and Ibiza has a really big heart and spirit. It’s a blessing to be able to go to these clubs and also feel so connected with the island – I don’t feel that in Tenerife, Magaluf or anywhere else. Ibiza is the only place.

Any favourite haunts you keep returning to?
I always end up at Las Dos Lunas. It’s a really underestimated restaurant. Because it’s on that main road from Ibiza to San Antonio, people go riiiiiiaow right past it… but they shouldn’t! When you stop there for dinner, it’s amazing. The gardens, the smell of the flowers, the food’s fantastic and the people who own it are really lovely. I also love Sa Caleta, the small beach and restaurant. The locally caught fish is superb, and the paella with vermicelli pasta – you just can’t get it anywhere else in the world.

Do you still get to check out the clubbing scene?
I sometimes stick my head in to Pete Tong’s night at Eden, Cocoon at Amnesia and Pacha. I do go clubbing but not as much as I used to – I have to be a responsible DJ and be tidy for my own night!

C.Cox - 2008

Carl Cox at Space - Tuesdays in Ibiza

Nine years on at Space… how does it feel to host one of the island’s biggest nights?
It has my name on the door, but it’s a massive team effort. It’s kind of like my own little fantasy league of DJs. This time around there are three new resident DJs – Nic Fanciulli, Umek and Yousef – supporting me and keeping it fresh. Whether its drum and bass, funk and soul, dubstep or hard techno, everyone plays with a certain spirit, and my heart and spirit is really into what they’re doing too. I play every single guest DJ’s records, like Nicole Moudaber; I play her records and she’s here playing in the club with me. Laurent Garnier, same thing. Danny Tenaglia, same thing. I want people to see the creators of those records you’ve been jumping to all season.

Last summer you did an amazing funk and soul session at Sands… any plans to do it again?
Absolutely – we’ll be there on September 9! It’s nice because it’s not just for people who want to go clubbing. You’re on the beach, everyone’s in bikinis and shorts, you’re feeling the sun and the music’s really nice – it’s more of a family afternoon out, creating a really nice vibe with different styles of music and doing it respectfully.

It was broadcast on Sonica – tell us about your relationship with them?
I’ve been supporting Sonica since they started and I love their commitment to broadcasting the sound of the island. It’s not just beaming in Ibiza, it’s actually beaming across the world, especially with phone applications and online radio. It brings more attention back to the island.

What’s the Carl Cox forecast for Ibiza summer 2010?
The music’s changing, but it’s pushing things forward. It’s nice to see how positive people are, about being here in Ibiza. I’ll tell you what I think is going to happen this year – it’s gonna go off!


Photography by Eva Kruiper