Ibiza DJ interview & Podcast: Yolanda Be Cool

White Ibiza Summer Launch Party: Yolanda Be CoolYolanda Be Cool literally took the world by storm last year with their smash hit track ‘We Don’t Speak No Americano’ (with D-Cup) selling over 5 million copies. The track’s elusive masterminds – AKA producers Johnson Peterson and Slyvester Martinez – decided to uproot from their native Australia and hit the shores of Ibiza for a summer of sun and fun (though they’ll tell you it’s to work on their productions and have a convenient home base for their European tour dates). In addition to giving us a podcast to get you in the party mood, Yolanda Be Cool’s Slyvester took a few minutes break from topping up his tan for tonight’s White Ibiza Summer Launch Party by the villa pool to answer our questions…

Podcast: Yolanda Be Cool Summer 2011 Mix by White-Escapes, Ibiza

Tell us a bit about your background – how you got into dance music?
We’ve both always loved music. Johnson was into hip-hop growing up and I (Sylvester) played in bands and loved more indie music. But our musical tastes changed once I turned a certain age and started going to clubs…

What drew you to the white isle?
We were touring a lot in Europe last summer and whenever we had more than three days off in a row we flew to Ibiza to chill out. But of course, we never ended up chilling out! There was always so much good stuff on… So this summer we decided to base ourselves here and try and chill out. It’s still not working!

Most people know you for ‘We Don’t Speak No Americano’ but you’re so much more than that! Tell us about your style, influences and inspirations?
We love house, tribal percussion, chants and deep funk-driven baselines. We’re also heavily inspired by Daniel Steinberg, Jamie Jones and Justin Martin…

Where can we see Yolanda Be Cool in Ibiza this summer?
On the dance floor every Sunday at Cadenza, Monday at DC10 and Cocoon! But Djing… tonight, at the White Ibiza Summer Launch Party! Then we’re doing various shows around Europe and the US until the middle of October. We are also playing at Amnesia on Friday August 19 for the Ibiza MTV Party – this should be fun. Can’t wait!

Do you get to get out and see a lot of the other clubs while you’re here?
We just went to see Jamie Jones and Cassy at Circo Loco then straight to the opening of Cocoon to see Ricardo Villalobos on the Terrace. It was a pretty good Monday, I must admit.

White Ibiza Summer Launch Party: Yolanda Be Cool

Do you have any island secrets, favourite places?
We have heaps of secrets, one involving a homeless man’s shoe and some illegal substances – Jjst kidding. Hmmm… It’s always great to simply jump in the car and go and explore the island. You never know where you will end up or what (or who) you are going to find…

Why do you think Ibiza is such a haven for creative people, musicians etc?
Because there are so many talented and amazing artists living and visiting the island at any given time, it forces all the other artists to work that little bit harder to stand out amongst the crowd. It’s also very inspiring as an artist to constantly be exposed to all this talent as soon as you step outside your house (or villa). Ibiza is also one of the music beautiful and relaxing places you can ever imagine. If you can manage to relax…

White Ibiza Summer Launch Party: Yolanda Be Cool