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DJ Sasha

Photography by Barbara De Giacinto

When it comes to Ibiza, you could say seminal dance music icon Sasha has seen and done it all. Having arrived, fresh faced on the island in 1990, and experienced its many changes over the next two decades, it’s no surprise his own Ibiza experiences are a little more low key these days, although still very high profile. ‘I don’t know whether it’s an age thing,’ he admits. ‘The first time I came I was in San Antonio and didn’t sleep for seven days, but now I have one big night out and then sleep for six days!’ One thing that hasn’t changed however, is his passion and thirst for electronic music, which remains equally as strong to this day. We caught up to talk about his six-week beach residency at Ushuaia, where he showcases a different side to his musical tastes for those lucky enough to stumble across the intimate, grown-up soiree…

How did your new beach party at Ushuaia come about?
I wanted to do something in Ibiza that was kind of left of centre – I get to play music here that I don’t play in my normal sets. I’ve been flitting around for the last four years, doing guest spots here and there, and I wanted a residency but the big clubs didn’t seem right.

It’s very intimate compared to your clubbing residencies…
The first week started off with some text messages and me twittering and it’s grown really nicely through word of mouth since then. It’s a really nice crowd – a lot of people that live in Ibiza come one week, and the next week they bring five friends!

So you tailor your sets differently – what do you play?
Totally different! It’s the kind of music I’d play if I invited people back to my hotel for an after-hours. I do a boat party in Miami every year and it’s a special set for me because it’s very rare I get to play that kind of music and now I’ve found somewhere in Ibiza I can do it too – melodic, hypnotic deep house. I don’t think many people play that style here either.

Never Say Never presents Sasha at Ushuaia with Dimitri Nakov and Cassy: 19/08/2010

Photography by Federico Capoano

Music wise, what keeps it fresh and exciting for you?
It’s every week when I get a new bunch of records. The records that excite me the most are these unknown producers, they’re usually 19 years old, and you think, where’s this come from? Digital has definitely made it easier to discover new music but it’s made it harder to keep things exclusive to your own set, because everyone gets everything. It really keeps you on your toes.

Do you think Ibiza is still as important musically, as when you first started coming here?
Musically, it’s the epicenter of dance music. I think it’s still relevant, if not more so, than it ever has been. Imagine if you were coming here for first time and you went out every night of the week, you’d come home with your head blown away by the music. I did, the first time I came here.

Do you still get out to the clubs nowadays?
Absolutely, it’s really important for me to do that. That’s the thing; you can come to Ibiza and in one week, get a barometer of what’s going on with every single sound across the world. You can hear Eric Prydz at Cream, Luciano at Pacha, hear what Erick Morillo is up to, Sven Vath if you go to Cocoon… it’s amazing, what you can absorb in just a few days here.

Anything else that keeps you coming back to the island?
It’s a special place. You keep peeling off layers. The longer you come here, the more things you find. I’m always finding new restaurants and bars to go to. For such a small place to have so much going on in the summer, it’s buzzing – people bring a lot of energy to this island.

Can you tell us some of your favourites places?
There’s so many little bars and restaurants in the north of the island. I love Cala Mastella, with the restaurant El Bigote. Amazing. I’ve been coming here for 19 years and I just found it last year – wow!

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This interview was published on August 31, 2010

DJ Sasha

Photography by Barbara De Giacinto