Ibiza DJ interview: Steve Lawler

Ibiza Dj interview: Steve Lawler

Nominated for Best Tech House DJ in the upcoming 2011 DJ Awards, Steve Lawler continues to follow his musical passion at home in Ibiza. Michelle Robertson gets the scoop…

How did you react when you found out about the nomination for DJ Awards 2011?
Of course I was happy, as I’m always happy to be acknowledged for what I’m doing as both an artist and a DJ. I just do what I love and not what others expect or push or want. I follow MY passion… and it would be nice to add another rock of kryptonite to my collection.

How would you define the genre of Tech House in 2011, and what must the perfect track reflect?
Tech House, like every genre, has changed since its birth.  What Tech House meant in the past, and in my opinion is supposed to be, is TECHNO / HOUSE. In other words, techno sounds, in a house groove. However when you look at Beatport’s crazy genre tagging, it means technology house… and that is…? Well, I don’t know! I think they just put everything under the Tech House category!

Genres of music are continually evolving, what’s your prediction for the next new thing on the musical block in 2012?
What I can tell you is whatever the ‘next new thing on the musical block’ is, it actually won’t even be that new – it will, as always, be a style coming back around again, but with a modern slant on it. That’s how it always is and anyone that has been in the business for years will tell you the same. Everything you hear now has been here before in our time. It’s actually quite funny.

Has anything or anybody in particular influenced you this year?
The sun, my family, pain… Each in its own way.

What have been your highlights as a DJ this year, internationally and in Ibiza?
My highlights have to be: Space opening as always, Monegros Festival in Spain, the Harlem Nights relaunch back in April in London, Big Beach Festival in Japan… there are too many more to mention.

The DJ Awards has some special awards not voted for by the public – one of which is Best Ibiza Track. What’s been your biggest tune of the summer?
Well the biggest track I’m playing is my remix of Shlomi Aber – ‘Create Balance’ – but my favourite track that I personally listen to is an EP by Bruno Pransato.

What music do you listen to for inspiration and who or what should we keep an eye on for 2012?
Someone who I think is a great producer and DJ is LEON. I know he’s signed to my label but I actually think it’s so refreshing to hear him play as he really has his own sound. David August too – he is an amazing producer.

Another special award is Cutting Edge, which honours those who are at the forefront of their game. Which DJ/producer do you think is pushing the boundaries?
I hugely respect Ricardo Villalobos for his un-compromising approach, AME too, who again are always doing things their way. People who actually push boundaries are people who just do what they love and forget about what everyone else is doing.

You actually live full time here in Ibiza… what does your absolutely perfect day out on the white isle entail?
Going out with my wife, brother and his girlfriend on a boat into the late afternoon, stopping by a cliff somewhere, doing some climbing for a couple of hours, then over to Sa Caleta for fideua. I’d smoke a joint, go back home, shower, then head off out for some drinks with my close friends. Perfecto. Good people. Good times. I love the fact this island has everything. This is my home and for good reason!