Interview: Luciano

2010 DJ Awards at Ocean Drive Hotel and Pacha Ibiza: 28/09/10

Photography by Eli Zuta

In the lead up to summer 2010, there was one DJ’s name that was consistently on everyone’s lips in Ibiza, thanks to a controversial move from underground hero to a weekly residency at super club Pacha on Sunday nights. Now, as the season comes to a close, Luciano is still a hot topic of conversation, having scooped the highly coveted award for best tech house DJ at the 2010 DJ Awards. We catch up with the man himself, just a few hours before he collected the award to talk about the debut season for Cadenza Vagabundos, the impending closing party and the relevance of awards in the dance music industry…

What drew you to Ibiza in the first place?

The first time I came to Ibiza was to visit Ricardo, who is one of my oldest friends. He was already living here on the island, so I came here to finish a track, and I promised when I arrived that I was only going to stay for two days, because I didn’t like the tourists and stuff like that. And I stayed for one and a half months – I love it!

What is it about the island that you fell in love with?

I think for me, as a Latin guy, it’s like my culture from South America. It’s the weather, the people and the vibe – Ibiza is a magic place. This is what always keeps me always coming back. And DJing of course! Which made such a big difference in my life.

With your own weekly residence here at Pacha – how do you feel now that it’s coming to an end?

It’s always a pleasure to start the season, but it’s a pleasure to end it. It’s hard work – it’s been 19 Sundays… and that’s a lot as a DJ, to play every Sunday! We do enjoy it, and party too, but it’s very full on. I try to keep myself 100 percent during the summer, for the people that come to the party. I’m really happy with the whole season, it’s been cool and we’ve had a great experience.

Are there challenges for next year?

[Winks] Every year is a new challenge.

Has having the residency boosted Cadenza as a label?

Of course, that was the main reason why I made the decision to make the whole step to Pacha this year. I never did it for myself; I did it for the label and all the artists behind the label. I have a lot of forthcoming music on the label that’s really interesting, from all the guys that we had here this summer – so many good new releases coming and good people to push. New guys, like Ernesto Ferreyra, who is doing great things…

Having Cadenza in Ibiza – do you spend much time at the office?

Me at the office? No. I have so many things to do and I try to be everywhere at once, but the office is not my thing. Of course I see the people from the office all the time, but I’d rather meet and do a couple of meetings around the table once a week and things like that.

How important are things like the DJ awards to you?

I always try not to put too much importance to things like award but at the same time, it’s having recognition from people that also helps you in this industry. It’s the people that push you to get nominated or because they are appreciating what you’re trying to achieve, so there’s always one part that says thank you and tries to push for it, but another part that thinks I don’t care too much. I do this for the people. I have no idea who’s going to win!

This interview was published on 6 October, 2010