International Music Summit Grand Finale: 28.05.10

International Music Summit, Grand Finale in Dalt Vila - 28.05.10

Photography by Noam Ofir

After three busy days of attending what could quite possibly be one of the world’s coolest conferences, delegates of the International Music Summit needed to be treated to a little MORE fun to top off their week! So it was off to the beautiful UNESCO world heritage listed site of Dalt Vila for the truly amazing Grand Finale.

After attending the event last year, Miss W knew it was a not-to-be-missed open air spectacular, kicking off the Ibiza summer in the most memorable of ways, Ibiza style. Thankfully for me, it’s just minutes away from my house meaning I could hear the sound check from my balcony, knowing exactly the right moment to make my entrance!

Kicking off the musical action was Skream, with a wicked drum and bass set, followed by David E Sugar, who I have to admit I had never heard of but added a nice indie flavour to the event. Then it was over to event organizer Pete Tong, to get everyone in the mood as the sun started to sink over the hills – a truly stunning alternative way to watch the famous sunset.

And then! The moment which may wel have changed my life… at the very least inspired me to update some playlists on my iPod… the arrival of a certain Mr Mark Ronson. Now, I’ve always owned that famous ‘Covers’ album, think it’s clever, but it’s not on high rotation on my stereo. So to tell the truth, the idea of Mark Ronson headlining this particular festival wasn’t really exciting me, despite the fact the rest of the island was buzzing about it. It’s not that I’m not open minded, it’s just that sometimes I get an idea in my head and can’t get past it.

International Music Summit, Grand Finale in Dalt Vila - 28.05.10

Photography by Noam Ofir

But Mark Ronson. MARK RONSON! Mark Ronson, you rocked my world! You and your super cool fashion sense, your sexy little hair flicks and above all, your super cool hip-hop-meets-pop set that encompassed about 20 of my favourite songs in the world. Where have you been all my life?? Well, now that I’ve found you I can promise I’m going to stalk you… in fact, at the IMS a little birdie told me you’ll be doing a very special intimate gig in Space’s El Salon room in summer, when Jade Jagger’s Jezebel hosts the room in conjunction with We Love… I’ll be the one standing star struck in the corner!

But back to the party! The ever so super cool Sasha took to the booth next, playing his seamless style of progressive house which was actually a really nice way to bring myself back to reality from the DJ high I’d just experienced. To finish off, it was all down to Buraka Som Sistema, the Portuguese band who were performing live to close the event, reminding me a little of last year’s headliners Basement Jaxx, as we bopped away to the reggae-ton-esque beats and rhymes. All of a sudden, the beautiful cathedral clock struck 12 and it was time to leave, and I couldn’t help but think how amazing, how TRULY AMAZING it is, to live in Ibiza and be able to experience events in such spectacular locations as this.

Bring on the next one!


THE GOOD: It was awesome to see a bunch of under 10 year olds raving down the front to Pete Tong with their mums – it was even better to see that most of them were wearing sound protective ear muffs, meaning the loud music won’t damage their sensitive hearing. Miss W is tempted to get some for herself they looked so cute!

THE BAD: The big old ugly crane right beneath the castle wall spoiling our beautiful view across the port. But what can you do, apart from look the other way up to the cathedral instead?

THE GOSSIP: Miss W heard a whisper that Mark Ronson would be making a special guest appearance on the roof terrace at Pacha after the show, so she quickly spread the word then spent hours lingering on the terrace to no avail. Hmmm. Perhaps this was the crafty method of another up and coming DJ to get people to stay on the roof and listen to his own set all night?

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