Interview: Kylie Minogue

18.Kylie Minogue - Aphrodite album launch press conference at Amante

Photography by Eli Zuta

When it was time to plan the launch of her new album Aphrodite, Australian pop princess Kylie Minogue didn’t have to be asked twice about her desired location – Ibiza. Her affinity with the island and its healing energy, plus her love of fresh, new dance music led her back to the white isle on July 5, unveiling her new album at a hush-hush press conference held at Amante Beach Club, organised by on-island logistical pros, The Shop and performing an unprecedented five-song guest appearance in Pacha later that evening.

You’re no stranger to Ibiza – what keeps you coming back? What do you like so much?
What isn’t to like? This was where we wrote the song ‘Wow’, because we just kept saying wow! It’s one of the spiritual homes of dance and there’s an incredible energy – to end up here is just genius.

The producers you’ve worked with on Aphrodite are dance focused… tell us about them?
There’s Swedish House Mafia of course, Sebastian Ingrosso did the track Cupid Boy. Calvin Harris, Jake Shears, Starsmith – some incredible dance producers. I’ve found a really good balance on this album, we’ve pushed the envelope once again, but definitely have one foot firmly in pop dance.

What are you like in the studio?
Producers always say I’m very fast. If I don’t get it in the first take or two I get really mad with myself. Everyone’s time is precious and a lot of these producers are ‘so hot right now’. You’ve got two days with them and that’s enough to see if you can work together. If you don’t get a vibe going in two days, you may as well go home.

Were you more confident in making your 11th studio album?
I was so nerve wracked that we just wouldn’t pull it off, I really was! Sleepless nights, getting stressed – I was a little lost in the beginning, but once Stuart (Price) came on board, plus the other writers and producers, there was a lot of good energy and I felt from that point onwards that this might just work…

You’ve said you wanted the tracks to sound euphoric, like an Ibiza nightclub moment – do you ever get to go out clubbing yourself?
Sometimes… I obviously I don’t have that much time and I need to take care of myself so I can’t go too crazy too often, but if I go out clubbing, I love it. I’m like a meerkat, I just get too excited and start leaping on the highest thing and it’s like ‘excuse me you’re not on stage right now’! I love to be with friends and let loose a bit. I’ll be very excited to potentially hear some of my stuff in Ibiza.

Kylie Minogue live at Pacha Ibiza

Photography by Neil Davies/Pacha Ibiza

Will you be taking the album out on the road?
I’m definitely touring next year. I’m already very excited about it, the workaholic in me won’t rest because I’m so excited to have new music to incorporate into a show. With a title like Aphrodite, think about the things we could come up with artistically and creatively – it’s a no brainer.

You’ve achieved so much – what’s left for you professionally?
I’d love to be behind the camera, I think there’s a bit of a director in me as I’m getting bossier with the years! Probably more acting – I just did a cameo in an independent film in New York, to whet my appetite again and when I sat in the hair and make up trailer, as opposed to your pop star Winnebago, I felt like that’s my spiritual home. There’s that community spirit when you’re making a TV show or a film. I just love sitting there with other actors and becoming someone else, going over my script in my head. It goes back to when I was 11 – I have to remind myself that’s where I started. I don’t know how I ended up with a music career for so long when initially, I was an actress. I just think I’m a performer, whether it’s singing or acting or being a clown!

And personally?
Just finding a nice balance in my life – I have made vast improvements in the last few years. Perhaps family one day, who knows, we’ll see about that…

Is your relationship with Spain also improving?
Claro… porque no?!

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This story was published on July 6, 2010

5. Kylie Minogue - Aphrodite album launch press conference at Amante

Photography by Eli Zuta