Ibiza podcast & interview: Kitt Proudfoot

White Ibiza Summer Party: Kitt Proudfoot

Player of deep house, disco and love songs, interviewer of people, meet Kitt Alexander Proudfoot. From starting out over a decade ago playing anything deep and electronic, his crowd-pleasing DJ sets then progressed into deep house, techno and disco with some offbeat surprises thrown in, always retaining a sense of party. Kitt now lives and plays in Ibiza with a packed summer schedule including a debut appearance at Glastonbury festival and a special performance in front of 3000 people in New York city… but first, he’ll be entertaining guests at the White Ibiza Summer Launch Party this Thursday at Atzaró. Let him tell you a little more…

Podcast: Kitt Proudfoot (Midnight Sun) June 2011 by White-Escapes, Ibiza

Tell us a bit about your background in music?
I know the ‘I come from a musical family‘ thing is the cliche to end all cliches when it comes to DJ interviews but I did. To be more specific I came from a family of collectors. My Dad has the most immense record collection, I used to watch how much time he put into cataloguing it and it seemed to relate to his inexplicable obsession. I am exactly the same.

What first drew you to Ibiza?
A mixture of a few things in this order – trance anthems on my school bus, a friend taking me to a Prodigy concert age 13 (the first time I ever danced); working in a kitchen at age 14, washing dishes for £1.80 an hour just because I got to listen to Pete Tong; hearing Fat Boy Slim vs. Armand Van Helden (the one in the boxing ring) at the Big Beat Boutique around the time of Duane Harden’s mega-smash ‘U Don’t Even Know Me’ and then Kevin and Perry Go Large made me realise that if I want this music in my life, I best get my self to Ibiza!

Tell us about your style of music?
I try to keep the house music as deep as possible but play disco, world and all manner of warm sounding good times vibes as well. You’ve got to ask Maya Claughton (of Midnight Sun and my DJ agent). She explains it much better.

Where can we find you this summer?
I’ve this wonderful gig coming up this week for you wonderful people at Atzaró (the free White Ibiza Summer Launch Party), I am playing warm ups for the house institution that is Strictly Rhythm at Nassau Beach Club starting this Friday and also international gigs – New York, Glastonbury and back at Momo in London for my residency. I update my diary quite regularly on my tumblr blog, plus you’ll find me at villas and house parties across the island with my new joint venture with Midnight Sun, My Midnight Disco. We’ve joined forces to bring the world’s greatest house parties (as imagined by YOU) to villas, yachts and private venues across the island. You provide the venue, we bring the party!

Do you get to get out and see a lot of the other clubs here?
I try not to go out too much but I mustn’t be trying very hard! Space and Pacha have been getting a serious frequenting, looking forward to my first Amnesia experience. If I had to be pick I would say having Cassy playing at Amnesia for Cocoon (and rumoured to be playing with Sasha at Ushuaia) would be my two electronic suggestions. She blows my mind, impeccable selector. Then you’ve got Metronomy coming up at Ibiza Rocks, their song ‘The Look’ is a joy grenade. Mark E and Tornado Wallace were playing some blinding music in the Red Box at Kehakuma last Thursday, there’s going to be some good sounds all summer long in there. They have Cottam playing next week, that’ll be one to check out.

What’s your vibe about the forthcoming Ibiza summer season?
This year I am trying to chill out and just play. Let it all happen because Ibiza, for me, has always been the number one place for that. Meeting so many amazing people, living in D’alt Vila helps. Musically, if I had to choose a word it would be ‘commercial’ and that’s fine, if it wasn’t for commercial dance music I would have never gotten into this stuff. They call the other stuff deep for a reason. This usually signals a soon to be popped bubble, then the scene recovers and comes back and blows your head off all over again. I haven’t managed to get to DC10 and Cocoon yet so hopefully those guys will change my mind.

Do you have any island secrets, favourite places to share with us?
Don Simon. And Passion Cafe!

What’s the best thing about being an Ibiza resident DJ?
That it is a childhood dream come true. And all the Don Simon.

How do the audiences differ here?
They are just a complete knockout, I love not knowing if the person next to you speaks your language, if they are rich or poor but still knowing they are getting down to all the goings on. That connection is as exciting for me as it was trying to blag into clubs aged 14, that’s why I come back. That butterfly-based excitement. Most are on a mission of fun and the others get converted so fast, they get pulled along in the current. I have traveled here with so many friends that had many misconceptions of how they thought it would all ‘work’. It usually takes one night out to cure that.

Why do you think Ibiza is such a haven for creative types?
The energy, it’s quite overwhelming. Everyone says it. There’s just something that brings certain people here.

What kind of vibe will you be bringing to the White Ibiza Summer Launch party?
For the kid’s disco, I’ve just been sent 430 kid’s party tunes by Rusty Egan, the keyboard player from Visage. He is the only man I turn to in times like this. Fun, happy, joy tunes and I will be trying to orchestrate some musical chairs at some point! Vibes for later on are going to more of my Midnight Sun style. ‘Sleazy, deep house, porno disco and ‘90s soul’ should just about cover it, smiling sunshine good times moments!


Moodymann – Roberta Jean Machine

Small Pyramids – CLB

Space Ranger – Plastic Romance

PBR Streetgang – J2ThaB

Justus Kohncke – The Clock Keeps

Kenton Slash Demon – Sun

Trey Lorenz – Photograph of Mary

Lump – Riding

Johnny Fiasco – Party Time

Isamar & Compania – Amour Suave

Mood II Swing – Closer

Red Hook Dreams – Your Love

Disco Plumber – I can’t help myself