From pop to hip-hop and everything in between

Rebeka Brown, Disco Dramah show at Amnesia Ibiza: 18/09/10

Rebeka Brown photographed by Ana Lui

There’s a common misconception that Ibiza is all about thumping dance music, and while it’s true we live here in the clubbing capital of the world, it certainly doesn’t mean our ears are closed to all other forms of music. In fact, in just one week (last week to be precise), Miss W experienced pop, flamenco and hip-hop… plus everything in between!

The highlight of my musical adventures has to go to sensational Spanish songstress Rebeka Brown, who wrapped up her summer season at Matinee last Saturday night with an amazing OTT production called ‘Disco Dramah’ that should have Ibiza-adoptees Kylie Minogue and Lady Gaga looking nervously over their shoulders. Ladies and gentleman, we have a new contender…

But I’m getting ahead of myself, as I have a tendency to do! While still reveling in the music from The Specials at the Ibiza Rocks Closing and the retro vibes of Flower Power (which I detailed here last week), I kicked off my next week of musical treats with my favourite Ibiza crew, Nightmares on Wax at alternative sunset spot Kumharas. Beats, grooves and rhymes were the order of the evening, complete with live drums, bongos and vocals and while I could wax lyrical about it, let me just say more on Wax On later!

Thursday, the White-ettes united to bid farewell to their favourite beach party for the season, Sasha’s Never Say Never at Ushuaia. With Matthew Bushwacka and Damian Lazarus playing alongside him, it was the perfect end to a perfect season – dreamy, progressive melodies fused with eclectic, slowed-down techno and just a little bit of quirkiness. The who’s who of Ibiza turned out to show their support, from DJs and club promoters, to party people and fashionistas alike – we hope they all signed our petition to bring the party back next summer.

Boutique Hostal Salinas - Ibiza hotel, restaurant and wedding venue

Lailololailo at Boutique Hostal Salinas photographed by Eli Zuta

After declaring Friday a day of rest (don’t shoot me, I had deadlines to meet! By the way, if you want to see what I was working on, check out our comprehensive guide to the closing parties where you can buy tickets and book VIP tables online so you don’t miss out), I was ready, willing and able to seek out some aural pleasure, and at Boutique Hostal Salinas, after a lovely relaxing day on the beach, the Lailololailo (try saying that after a chupito or two!) were only too happy to oblige. Flamenco fusion is how I’d describe it, with DJs spinning, guitars a-strumming and singers warbling in that unique Spanish style. With the quirky décor, an icy cold beer in my hand and snacking on authentic tapas, I almost felt transported to Mexico (yes, yes, I know it’s not in Spain, but I’ve got an overactive imagination) in a little seaside bar, the kind of place you hope to stumble across on your holidays, and then it hit me.

There are actually people here in Ibiza who HAVE stumbled across this little gem on their holidays! There’s only one party left this season, so be sure to head there this Saturday if you’re on the island… trust me, once you embrace the vibe, it’s an experience like no other in Ibiza.

But in true Ibiza style, it wasn’t enough for Miss W to just call it a night – instead, it was home for a quick costume change and then make a beeline for Amnesia, where, as mentioned above, the amazing Rebeka Brown was backstage being beautified as she prepared for her final Disco Dramah performance in Ibiza this summer. Wow. What a woman. I’d caught up with Rebeka earlier in the week to find out a little more about the Spanish superstar, and let me tell you this much for free: if you haven’t heard of her yet, you most certainly will have heard her voice, as she’s responsible for some of the biggest Ibiza dance floor anthems of the last five years. And now, she’s branching out into the mainstream (she’s a mega-star in Spain already), bringing her unique energy and powerful stage presence to the world.

Rebeka Brown, Disco Dramah show at Amnesia Ibiza: 18/09/10

Rebeka Brown photographed by Ana Lui

Descending from the ceiling in a futuristic Perspex bubble, Rebeka was every inch the pop diva, strutting, singing, dancing and wowing the audience, who were holding hundreds (perhaps even thousands!) of cameras in the air, hoping to capture a little of her magic to take home. But really, you had to be there – from the power of her magnificent voice to the cleverly choreographed dancers, the rapidly flashing visuals, the light show and the all-round energy, Miss W thinks this is the future of Amnesia. Fusing electronic music with a pop-style edgy production such as this really suited the venue – and Rebeka Brown had the crowd in the palm of her hand. Watch this space folks… I’m sure you’ll hear a lot more from this sassy singer in the months to come.

On Sunday, it was a whole lot of disco grooves, in the side room, El Salon, at We Love… Space, where the legendary DJ historian Bill Brewster was holding his birthday celebrations. If any of you are interested in the roots of our clubbing culture, Bill is your man… Meanwhile, out on the sunset terrace, The Lovely Laura absolutely blew me away with her skills on the saxophone, as she improvised alongside local world music guru Mr Doris. Wow. If I didn’t have it on good authority, I would have thought the two had practiced their set a million times before, so in sync were their musical stylings and timing. Hmm and she’s quite the hottie too, even while tooting away on her sax, which you’d think wouldn’t be glamorous at all – it seems some girls in Ibiza really do have it all!

On Monday, it was back to my clubbing roots, as Tania Vulcano, Dan Ghenacia and Dyed Soundorom kept a packed dance floor enthralled (and sheltered from the rain) at DC10, with a blend of techno and house music that was peppered with classics from the late ‘90s. Awesome to see such renowned underground types saluting the past – I’ll be back for more next Monday, that’s for sure.

To complete my musical week, and going full circle of sorts, Tuesday night saw Miss W and the White-ettes head up north, where the Wax On massive had a very special guest joining them for their penultimate Wax Da Jam session at Auranone other than hip-hop legend Roots Manuva. Miss W caught up with the big man himself, who despite being a London-dweller, admitted he found the cool September evening chilly, sporting a huge jacket while Miss W was still in her summer’s finest. So much for a tough guy rep!

Roots Manuva and Wax Da Jam at Aura Ibiza: 21/09/10

Roots Manuva photographed by Eli Zuta


THE GOOD: While Roots Manuva himself may have been the main draw of the evening at Aura last night, Miss W wants to give HUGE props to the utterly amazing Ricky Ranking, who sang alongside his cohort and then proceeded to perform with his Nightmares on Wax posse afterwards. Having seen him perform three times in one week now, I have to say cool doesn’t even come close to describing him… the man is a downright legend!

THE BAD: I have to take this opportunity to say – and let me apologise for lowering the tone but it’s something that’s been bothering me for weeks – that I have been absolutely appalled at some of the shall we say, amenities, at some of Ibiza’s most amazing locations. From no toilet seats whatsoever in a certain famous club that expects its patrons to shell out around 18€ per drink to an uber-stylish beach bar where one poor staff member has the horrible task of physically handing its fashionable clientele wads of tissue as they enter the block, it’s downright insulting and also embarrassing. For an island that is so amazing in so many other ways, it seems that the bathroom etiquette has gone to… well… you know what I’m saying?

THE GOSSIP: Oh boy, do I have gossip! Miss W has the inside scoop on all of next week’s super cool after-closing-parties, but I HAVE BEEN SWORN TO SECRECY! Keep an eye on my Twitter, as I’ll let you in on the goss as soon as I’m given the green light to go ahead, but let me tell you now, the DJs who’ll be hitting the decks are the very best in the world. I’m talking toco Dice, Luciano, Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Deadmau5… oooh the list goes on but I fear I’ll give too much away if I keep writing!

Roots Manuva and Wax Da Jam at Aura Ibiza: 21/09/10

The MAN Ricky Ranking with DJ E.A.S.E. photographed by Eli Zuta