San Jose Flower Power Festival: 14/03/09

These days Ibiza may be famous for hedonistic clubbing, beautiful beaches plus its thriving gastronomic scene and languid lifestyle, but let’s not forget it was originally the clued-up hippies of the ‘60s that led us down the (very floral) garden path that got us to where we are today.

So it seems only fitting that as part of the spring celebrations in San Jose this week, a tribute to our free-loving forefathers (and mothers!) was in order, in the form of the much-hyped, much-loved and hotly anticipated annual Flower Power Festival, giving island residents get the chance to frock up and say it with flowers… in their hair anyway!

For Miss W, the event gave her yet another reason to bring out her Coveted Prized Possessions, a pair of stunningly beautiful Philippa Holland handmade gold earrings – one says ‘Peace’ and the other ‘Love’. What further fashion inspiration could I possibly need? Just a dash of patchouli oil perhaps…

Arriving in San Jose, we discovered the entire main square and church had been taken over and bedecked with giant hand painted fluorescent flowers plus reams and reams of floral streamers – very festive indeed. Booming from the huge sound systems were all the types of songs you’d associate with a Flower Power festival – think ‘All you need is love’, ‘Horse with no name’ and ‘Spirit in the Sky’. Now, all you have to do is sing along…

There were plenty of food stalls and un-hippy like rides and games to keep the little ones amused however quite quickly, it became clear to Miss W that the cool kids (oh ok, the cool grown-ups) were all hanging out in the open air, dancing beneath the trees in Raco Verd, where a Beatles Tribute band played just after midnight (after arriving on the back of a lorry).

You could have been forgiven for thinking you’d been transported back in time to the Ibiza of the ‘60s and ‘70s with the monumental effort everyone had made to dress in theme. The rules are simple – just add flowers, flowing skirts, headscarves and if in doubt, plait your hair or wear a wig.

Award for the best outfits go to the always-stylish owners of reVolver – they’d created their retro-chic ensembles from a morning spent shopping at Las Dalias and some clever rummaging through Mum’s closet. Seeing as they are in fashion sweeties, we would expect nothing less than authentic from this dynamic duo…


THE GOOD: Forget guest lists, door queues, VIP areas and the like – this love-in harked back to the REAL ethos of the hippie lifestyle, where everyone was accepted and invited to come along. In keeping with the tradition, absolutely EVERYONE was here!

THE BAD: Although there were free buses all night traveling to and from Ibiza Town and San Antonio, any other options in the way of transport (as with all festivals) were few and far between since the streets were closed off for the occasion. Our advice? Think like a hippie and hitch a ride with those fortunate enough to have scored a parking space in San Jose – just this one night a year though, Miss W would never advocate hitchhiking otherwise!

THE GOSSIP: Miss W arrived (as usual) quite fashionably late – blame it on plaiting my hair – but it seemed apparent by the disheveled (and somewhat raucous) state of some of the faux-hippies in residence that the celebrations had been in full swing since very early evening… and rumours say it continued all night long!