Aura Opening Party: 29.05.10

AURA opening party, 29/05/10

Photography by Gypsy Westwood

Computer generated pictures of the expansion of San Llorenzo hotspot Aura have been doing the rounds last week, as part of the publicity surrounding its opening party, and while they were a fairly good representation of the décor and feel of the new garden restaurant space, there was one important element that no photograph, real or computer generated could recreate. The smell…

I’m talking about the heavenly scent of fresh jasmine permeating the air, thanks to the millions of tiny blossoms growing all over the walls, combined with the freshness of citrus trees, all intermingling with some beautiful gourmet creations and the intoxicating scent of some very fine perfume worn by Ibiza’s ladies.

Indeed it wasn’t just the flowers that impressed me in the garden – a dramatic palm-lined entrance leading to a reception desk that looked as though it would be at home in Cannes, Miami, St Tropez or even the Hamptons. Aura’s makeover has seen it become a destination the world’s jet set will be flocking to.

To the right, a slightly elevated bar seemed the perfect place to start, a great vantage point to survey the action at the tables. Again, that amazing scent of jasmine wafted right to my nostrils while I waited for my mojito beneath the beautiful peach-hued lighting, miniature versions of the current interior décor.

Miss W noted there was quite a grown up crowd in attendance, and as always at such events, started to get a serious case of fashion envy at the many pretty dresses and great pairs of shoes. As for the young man in a faux fur coat however… I can’t say that I was envious of that one, although given the fact there was still a lingering chill in the air, perhaps he was onto something?

Beautiful paper lanterns softly illuminated the big, round tables and once people had finished eating, there were plenty of games of musical chairs going on as people table-hopped to get the verdict on each other’s meals.

Inside was a different story completely. With an all-new, enormous DJ booth, kitted out with a mini-bar and seating for the DJ’s entourage, it was the main focus in the room now (previously half restaurant, half bar), making way for a big dance floor which was already heaving to the sounds of Nightmares On Wax’s DJ E.A.S.E. Next up was Aura’s very own musical director, Antz, to a very warm reception from his loyal fans.

AURA opening party, 29/05/10

Photography by Gypsy Westwood

I was pleased to note the music outside differed from the party tunes indoors – meaning no matter what you’re looking for, be it a sophisticated dinner or a rave-like atmosphere, you can now have it all at Aura. I have to say, I was extremely impressed with all the changes (and I’m often very hard to please!) – and there are too many to list here, you’ll have to go there to see for yourself!


THE GOOD: The safety first measures employed with Aura’s new car park, walkway and convenient pick-up point at the entrance. For too long the San Juan restaurant road has been a menace – cars careening past while people walk out of restaurants a bit tipsy or trying to hail a cab. At Aura, there were security guards ensuring it was safe for guests to cross the road to their car park and plenty of taxis at the entrance, so all good!

THE BAD: Spotting a certain someone flitting from table to table, leaving messy and unattractive flyers for their own business in their wake. By all means network and talk your talk, but leaving spam-style flyers at such a beautiful event is just tacky and disrespectful to your hosts. And no, we’re not going to dignify the person’s brand with a name.

THE GOSSIP: Miss W heard more than one person speculate as to whether the large space would be hard to fill over the course of the summer, given the fact the tables were all large. Not ideal for a romantic dinner date, however given the sheer volume of people coming through the doors, Miss W thinks there won’t be a problem at all.

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