Bambuddha Grove 10th Anniversary: 10/08/09

Photography by Gabriel Vazquez

The tenth anniversary of Ibiza institution Bambuddha Grove marks a milestone, not just in terms of time honoured and served (and let me just say they’ve certainly served the who’s who of island visitors and residents over the last decade) on white isle, but also in the long and interesting history of owner and creator John Moon and for the future of his daughter Sasha and son Jonjon. For it is in 2009 that John Moon plans to enter retirement, passing Bambuddha’s prosperous reins over to his children… and if that’s not worthy of a party, then I don’t know what is!

Sometimes Miss W feels a little bit like a broken record of the White Rabbit – ‘I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!’, generally due to a fashion crisis or some other equally important issue. Right here and now I would like to declare my deepest apologies to the wonderful peeps at Bambuddha Grove (and my long-suffering White-ettes and their guests whom I also kept waiting), who VERY GRACIOUSLY held my table for 45 minutes despite the fact they were doing two separate dinner seatings to cope with the high booking demands of the evening. Not once did they ever make me feel the need to rush my way through dinner due to my own tardiness (as would happen in many restaurants around the world) so for that I must also express my gratitude. Sometimes, it really is about who you know…

Formalities aside, once seated in the very centre of the striking, Balinese inspired dome (beneath the colourful chandelier and between the Moons and the team from Sands/Es Vive/Boho et al), we immediately got into the spirit of the celebrations with a round of mojitos – the perfect hair of the dog to ease a hangover caused by the previous night’s shenanigans at Space. As we placed our orders (a genuine struggle, considering how much there is to choose from), I couldn’t help but notice how intimate the restaurant felt – not overcrowded, simply warm, inviting, with a lovely level of music and full of plenty of familiar faces. Nice, considering the sheer scale of the venue and how busy Bambuddha Grove’s notorious party nights can get.

Starters arrived relatively quickly, and a quick scan around the table made me happy to be sharing with a group, since I often suffer severe food envy – the classic ‘I’ll have what SHE’S having’. A combination of sushi, sashimi, Thai satay sticks, edamame and other MediterrAsian delights criss-crossed our very social round table… but I have to admit I kept stealing slices of the amazing beef tataki from my neighbour’s plate every time he wasn’t looking, it was just so fresh, flavoursome and delicious.

Main course came quickly after and while my heart yearned for the luscious looking Pad Thai on one White-ette‘s plate, my stomach was well and truly satisfied with my choice of the succulent and tasty (and big enough to feed two people!) crispy duck pancakes. What I love about Bambuddha Grove’s trademarked menu is that it is a little like trekking through Asia and then being plonked back at home here in Ibiza – meaning, you can sample many different cultures in one sitting, or go back time and time again… and seeing as tonight was all in honour of their 10th anniversary, it seems I’m not the only one who makes these return visits year after year…

While we ate, we were entertained by the truly A-MAZING sounds of Beatmaster G, a beatboxing champion who can literally make grooving tunes with no more than a microphone, his laptop and his mouth! Accompanied by a trumpet player, they mixed up a treat as models strutted through the room displaying current collections by Sasha Moon (available in the onsite boutique and also in Ibiza Town at Sasha’s other business venture, The Virgen Market). While normally Miss W isn’t a fan of fashion parades while she’s eating (a very common occurrence in Ibiza), I must admit that the urge for a bit of retail therapy got the better of me and I am now the proud owner of the perfect little white (of course!) satin dress.

After dinner, it was time to head outside and mingle under the stars. Mojitos in hand, we air-kissed our way through the rapidly expanding crowd in order to get a good people watching position by the bar. Considering we were in the thick of August, the balmy night air wasn’t too humid, meaning not too much frizzy hair action, however there was still plenty of thirst to be quenched, funnily enough!

Photography by Gabriel Vazquez


THE GOOD: 10 years deserves at least 10 cheers, going directly to Bambuddha Grove founder John Moon, for seeing his vision through ups and downs and building it into the family empire and internationally renowned destination it is today. And we wish all the same luck and success to Sasha and Jonjon, who are currently learning the ropes to ensure we’re all back here in another 10 years time for yet another birthday bash!

THE BAD: Another apology coming from Miss W here… it seems in all my excitement to continue sampling Bambuddha Grove’s famous cocktail list, I missed the very moment when the birthday cake was presented to John, Sasha and Jonjon – thankfully our fab photographer Gabriel Vazquez was on hand to capture the action… but why didn’t he think to grab me a piece?

THE GOSSIP: Apparently, long after the clock struck 12 (we’re talking more like 3am) a certain miniscule UK celebrity and one of Miss W’s favourite modern style icons (oh OK, it was Sienna Miller if you must know!) was getting her groove on in the Khajuraho Lounge, dancing right beside Miss W and the White-ettes in fact, according to eye-witnesses. The why didn’t I witness it? And is there any photographic evidence to prove it?

Photography by Gabriel Vasquez

Photography by Gabriel Vazquez