Blue Marlin opening weekend 26-27/03/10

Blue Marlin, Ibiza beach club - opening weekend celebrations
Let me tell you a little story about the opening of Blue Marlin. Once upon a time, somewhere over the rainbow, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a girl called Miss W. Miss W lived on a magical island, known to one and all as Ibiza…

Once a year, on Miss W’s magical island, there was a very special party held in a very amazing location called Blue Marlin – a party that each and every person on the island simply had to go to! People even flew in from all over the world to attend the party, and yet in 2010, lo and behold if it looked as if Miss W wasn’t going to the party at all!‘I can’t go to the party!’ she cried dramatically. ‘I have nothing to wear!’ When one of her trusty White-ettes pointed out that the glorious sunshine beating down on the magical island meant Miss W could bring her summer wardrobe out of hibernation, our dear heroine perked up somewhat. ‘Well,’ she admitted, ‘Hmmm, I do still have that brand-new Kurru Kurru top I bought at last year’s sale to debut. But it’s a two-day long event – I’ll have to pop in to reVOLVER and nab a new season’s Jean-Pierre Braganza to stand out from the crowd on day two.’

Crisis averted, Miss W and the White-ettes converged upon Blue Marlin on Saturday afternoon, greeted by a very organised car park literally brimming with attendants ready to shoe us into the preferential VIP parking our new VIP Blue Marlin card entitles us too. Ooh, I do love being me sometimes!

From the minute we stepped up to the entrance, it seemed as if no time at all had passed since we were here last year! Sassy, stylish staff, old matey in his military garb (you know who I mean right?), the underage hotties peddling jewellery on the beach, girls performing interesting belly dancing routines to the tune of a saxophone on the deck, the tattooed brigade showing off their latest additions and plenty of pooches milling about on the sand.

As is customary for Blue Marlin, as the sun went down, the vibe heated up and Ibiza’s party population descended on Cala Jondal in droves! Before we knew it, we were inside dancing until the very early hours indeed, when it was time to get some beauty sleep so we could do it all again the next day!

Feeling only slightly worse for wear late the following afternoon, we returned to the scene of the crime for part two, While today was supposed to be the ‘official’ opening, it was a much slower start as last night’s partygoers started trickling in slowly, every bit as glam but with oversized sunnies hiding the evidence of the night before.

Ready to do it all over again? Hell yeah… and we’ll be back AGAIN next Sunday for Paco Fernandez, who’ll be starting his Sunday sessions on the terrace!

Blue Marlin, Ibiza beach club - opening weekend celebrations

Photography by Annie Peel


THE GOOD: Goodbye vino tinto, hello sangria de cava. ‘Nuff said.

THE BAD: While there was no danger that Miss W would turn into a pumpkin when the clock struck two, there was a moment of confusion when I realised two had become three and my trusty iPhone had done me the courtesy of reverting to daylight savings time for me.

THE GOSSIP: Did Sonica really accidentally steal Sonique‘s thunder? Or was it a clever marketing ploy to ensure Blue Marlin was the place to be all weekend? Miss W heard whispers that the overwhelming amount of people in the venue on Saturday was due to Ibiza Sonica’s live broadcast advertising the ‘opening’, while Sunday was intended to be the official event. It was a win/win for Blue Marlin really – both parties were packed to the rafters with many people, myself included, doing the double act!

Blue Marlin, Ibiza beach club - opening weekend celebrations

Photography by Annie Peel