Cotton Sushi Lab

Located in the heart of Ibiza town, the intimate and exclusive new Cotton Sushi Lab presents a traditional Japanese culinary experience with an elegant fine dining touch, all year round.

Discreetly tucked away in a side street in the heart of Ibiza town, Cotton Sushi Lab takes discerning diners back to the roots of this ancient Japanese cuisine. The intimate fine dining restaurant is the first of its kind in Ibiza – a refined and elegant space with a capacity for just 24 diners at any one time (14 at the bar and five additional tables of two), where the highest quality ingredients are prepared on the spot using age-old techniques in a way that is akin to fine art.

Taking inspiration from the traditional sushi prepared on the streets of Edo era Japan (1603 to 1867), the dedicated sushi masters at Cotton Sushi Lab prepare each piece Omakase-style which translates to chef’s choice. One by one, delicately crafted morsels are served so the freshness and purity of each ingredient can be enjoyed with the respect it deserves. Consumed immediately, washed down with a premium green tea, fine Champagne, crisp white wine or high-end sake, this is a fine dining experience like no other in Ibiza.

Sleek blond wood countertops glow softly in the low-lit space, where decoration is minimal; here, the emphasis is on experiencing the moment. Handmade tableware highlights the beauty of the fresh, first-class cuisine on offer and Cotton Sushi Lab operates a strict reservation time policy that extends beyond reasons of etiquette. The dogmatic precision with which dishes are calibrated at this exclusive Ibiza fine dining restaurant means each mouthful is savoured at the optimal moment.

Short grain rice is prepared and vinegared specifically for each table at Cotton Sushi Lab and the carefully stored fish is unwrapped and sliced just before serving to maintain maximum freshness and flavour. Only the finest, cleanest fish is sourced – wild wherever possible in addition to ethically farmed – while rice, wasabi root, vegetables and homemade soya sauces are procured for their quality regardless of cost. The result of this insatiable quest for excellence is exemplary preparation, deep, complex flavours and an unforgettable Ibiza fine dining experience.

While tradition and authenticity underpin the Cotton Sushi Lab experience, it comes as no surprise the team also embraces innovation. The Ibiza fine dining restaurant is dedicated to developing new ideas and flavour combinations, while constantly evolving its made-to-order menu. Designed for sushi purists, fine dining devotees and those seeking a culinary experience in Ibiza that appeals to all the senses, Cotton Sushi Lab has its sights set firmly on becoming one of the world’s pre-eminent sushi destinations.

Address: Carrer de Joan d’Àustria, 8, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears, Spain View on a map
Telephone: +34 971 408 951 (from Dec 1, 2021)
Email: [email protected]
Website: cotton-sushi.com

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