Dish of the day: Traditional Salinas Raya at BHS

Drawing on the heritage of the area in which it is located, Ibiza restaurant Boutique Hostal Salinas have revived a classic Las Salinas seafood dish for summer 2012, the traditional Ibicenco Raya al Pimenton (translating to skate fish). According to the recipe’s legend, local fisherman had trouble selling skate fish (which tastes similar to mackeral) when it was freshly caught due to its particularly pungent ‘fishy’ aroma, so would take it home to their families. The bone-free fish would be prepared either in a smokey, sweet red pepper sauce (shown above) or baked in a bed of Salinas salt and served with a simple salad and a squeeze of lemon – Salinas on your plate with no hint of a smell!

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