Authentic Easter Bunnies

I saw a jolly hunter
A poem by Charles Causley

I saw a jolly hunter
with a jolly gun
Walking in the country
In the jolly sun

In the jolly meadow
sat a jolly hare
saw the jolly hunter
took jolly care

Hunter jolly eager
sight of jolly prey
forgot gun pointing
wrong jolly way(!)

Jolly hunter jolly head
over heels gone
jolly old safety catch
not jolly on!
Bang! went the jolly gun
Hunter jolly dead
Jolly Hare got clean away
Jolly good I said

Goddamn shame I say ‘cos they taste awful good.

Easter is associated with spring lamb and last year I grilled a whole milk fed lamb in my garden – which was more difficult than I had imagined it would be. Mind you, putting any kind of meat on a charcoal grill the size of a bed and walking off for 20 minutes is never a good idea… especially if you are drunk and have never grilled a whole lamb before! It turned out ok in the end (which is outrageous ‘cos it should have been beyond compare).

Anyway, this year was different. We had to bypass the Easter eggs as they were confiscated at passport control back in February. Long story. Since Easter is also associated with Bunnies, I thought this time I’d kill two birds with one stone.

How? We had rabbit with chocolate. This may sound weird and indeed it is. BUT it is good. Rabbits are only really for those who love food as for some reason many people can’t bear the idea of eating a cuddly wuddly luverly likkle wabbit. Eat a cow, oh yeah sure, no problem. But not a little bunny. Jesus. (Insert further Easter associations here.)

The Ibicencos aren’t so sentimental. They eat rabbits all the time. A popular dish here is rabbit with almonds, which is basically what I made but with the addition of chocolate stirred in at the end. I say ‘basically’ because it was crossed with a similar – but much more spicy – dish from Mexico (Lindo) called Mole. (This has nothing to do with short-sighted subterranean rodents, it just happens to be the name of the dish. However when I was there it did make me smile every time I saw the billboard signs announcing AQUI HAY MOLE. Something very Monty Python about it.)

The recipe is quite long winded but I have it if you want it. It entails lots of searing, sweating, toasting and pulverising so you know its gotta be good.