Strawberry granita

Strawberry Granita15

Photography by Annie Peel

Granita, granita, granita. Quest no further, wait no longer, Ibiza strawberries are here again! They gotta be all over the place but the place I KNOW they got ‘em is the ever-expanding fruit shack on the way into Santa Gertrudis. The Dutch aberrations have been around for a while, white crowned and tasteless, but it is time for them to bow out now, what with the coming of their infinitely superior Ibicenco cousins.

These mothers are misshapen, dark, sweet and of irregular size. Put them in smoothies; put them on top of a sponge; with hazelnut meringues and cream you will surely die of pleasure. Mash them up with icing sugar, vanilla and mascarpone; freeze the leftovers and you got great ice-cream. Eat them with a Milesime cava on a secluded beach, eat them with a Milesime cava in bed. Later in the season when there is a glut, make jam. But one of the nicest ways to have them is in a granita and below you will find a recipe.Granita is a chipped ice invention, of the Italians I believe, who originally scraped off blocks of ice then flavoured it with fruit cordials. They are not hugely dissimilar to sorbets but have a higher water content so the crystals are larger and crunchier. Most refreshing. Strawberries work exceptionally well and granitas can be made with all kinds of fruits but a superb, not to mention sofistikated, way to imbibe them is in the form of coffee granita topped with lightly whipped cream. Killer.

The English, in their infinite wisdom, call granitas Slush Puppies, probably because our American friends do. You know the ones – great big plastic containers dripping with condensation, sat on ugly bars, with a paddle churning the ice within. The flavours are as artificial as anything yet manufactured. I sometimes wonder if massive spaceships don’t come from outer space in the night with huge cargos of the cordials for Slush Puppies, processed cheese, Sunblest bread and other extraterrestrial seeming foodstuffs. Like Mellow Birds Coffee. Having said that, I love them. Especially the blue ones.

Strawberry Granita4

Photography by Annie Peel

Anyway as mentioned, here is the recipe for strawberry granita!

Preparation time: 3 minutes 46 seconds
Freezing time: 12 hours
Serving time: 1min per serving

750g Ibiza strawberries
750 ml water
175 g sugar

Wash the strawberries and put them in a jug, pour over sugar and water and blitz it all. Pour into a shallow container and freeze till solid.

When needed, get it out the freezer and scrape a fork across the surface. When you have enough scraped, spoon it into the serving vessel: a glass, cup or bowl (you decide) and pour over cream or mascarpone. Serve it and then prepare to get laid.


Strawberry Granita9

Photography by Annie Peel