Ochobazaar: 02/05/09

Ibiza is, and has pretty much always been, the centre of the boho fashion universe don’t you think? So when some of the island’s born and bred boho-babes make the decision to clear out their wardrobes, we can only think that their loss is our gain – literally.

Now before you start to worry, no, Miss W was NOT rummaging through garbage bags outside the aforementioned chicas’ homes in the name of fashion, this was a much more civilised affair. Today, island hostess with the mostess Leah Tilbury, along with design guru Hjordis Fogelberg-Jensen accomplished the amazing feat of transforming chic restaurant Ocho, on the San Juan Road, into an offbeat, eclectic fashion market with a distinct hippy-like vibe.

Rails and rails of clothing were strung beneath the awnings – colour coordinated to make it easy to spot something you like, with some items looking almost more like works of art than second-hand (I mean, vintage!) clothing! From floor length Pucci-esque kaftans and stunning fringed suede waistcoats to sequined shift dresses and quirky printed frocks, it was what Miss W imagines the fashion cupboards at Vogue may have resembled in the 70s – though of course there were plenty of more modern touches here (including stalls from our fave Ibiza store reVOLVER and local designers Kurru Kurru) designer labels and modern jewellery) to keep those not in love with fashion’s past happy.

Inside, make-up artists gave volunteers makeovers courtesy of Leah’s sister, renowned make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury’s new brand, My Face Cosmetics. Fun, party music kept the good vibes flowing, and there were plenty of snacks and drinks to keep up the fashion frenzy energy, like calamari and burgers plus frozen cocktails. Then of course, there was champagne to celebrate our purchases once we’d finally managed to make our selections and put our in to the coiffers.

Miss W was particularly impressed by the attention to detail – recycled paper bags, swing tags and shoe boxes stenciled with the Ochobazaar logo, gorgeous signage (including a quirky flashing dollar sign above the till – nice one!) proved this was so much more than just a second-hand fashion market. And thankfully, all that hard work and effort wasn’t simply for a one-off event – a second instalment of Ochobazaar has been scheduled for June 20th. Book your flights now then ladies…


THE GOOD: While Miss W and some notable others – as always – were fashionably late, it seemed the style savvy citizens in Ibiza were not so foolish, clambering outside the Ocho entrance before the official start time of 6pm in hopes of nabbing the best vintage and second hand finds.

THE BAD: Models traipsing around looking a little unsteady on their feet didn’t do much for the clothes – particularly later in the day when clutching champagne. Then again, it is fashion sweetie… it’s what they do!

THE GOSSIP: The thing about buying vintage clothes from a store is that you never need fear running into its previous owner, however the thing about buying second hand fashions on a small island is that you are pretty much guaranteed to come face-to-face with the one who gave it up. And with the owners’ initials written on the sales tags, it did actually (in some instances) make buyers just a little hesitant about whether to snap up someone else’s hand-me downs. But as they say, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure and all that…