Jezebel at El Chiringuito: 25.08.10


Photography by Eva Kruiper

Despite the fact this event had the Jezebel (as in Jade ‘Jezebel’ Jagger) cool factor stamped all over it, there was something about the party that simply screamed ‘Entourage’ tonight. No, I’m not talking about the ‘FOJ’ (friends of Jade, for those who aren’t in the know) in the house, I’m talking about the fact it was a party promoting a V-E-R-Y exclusive brand of new tequila. If you’re not following, I suggest you head to the HBO website for a heads up on our (fictional) man Vinnie Chase, and his tequila follies to know what I’m talking about!

It was sipping tequila to be precise, and served up in a sleek champagne glass, giving it so much more credibility than your standard shooter, yet every bit as tempting to shoot in a flash! Of course Miss W would never be so uncouth, and proceeded to sip her tequila slowly… if only they hadn’t have kept topping me up so swiftly, I could probably remember more to tell you about the event.

Or perhaps that was the point?


Photography by Eva Kruiper

Casa Dragones was the name, and sipping was the game, a premium tequila that the Jezebel crew are apparently quite partial to drinking, judging by the event. We’re talking 200€ (ish) a bottle folks – this is not a strip poker style substance!

Smooth, softly scented (and I can say this with the conviction of a professional, given that someone spilled their glass all down my top, and rather than smelling like a brewery, the only thing a stranger could detect was my Serge Lutens Orange Blossom scent) and crystal clear, I must admit, the idea of sipping said tequila seemed sophisticated…

The Ibiza cool kids (and cool adults of course) were all in attendance, though the age gap certainly seemed to be an average of about 23 (go figure that one out!). As DJs D.R.W. and man-of-the-moment Luca C picked up the musical pace, our lovely host and her equally as beautiful daughters took to the stage for a tango – and all I could think was, I wish MY mum was that cool when I was their age!!


THE GOOD: I’ve never actually been to El Chiringuito for an evening affair, and I have to say, the venue was every bit as beautiful as in the day. The restaurant are was curtained off, with chic white drapes, making it a more intimate size and shape, yet you could still see the beautiful reflection of the post-full moon over the water. Subtle yet stunning.

THE BAD: Call me old fashioned, but I like my drinks ice cold, particularly on a hot summer night. So the sipping tequilia wasn’t quite the thirst quencher I was looking for. Tasty yes, but not something I could sip all night. Well, maybe I just needed a beer chaser…

THE GOSSIP: Just across the road, the legendary Tony Humphries was headlining the DC10 20th anniversary party, and there was plenty of talk about a ‘top secret’ American DJ guest who would be making an appearance at El Chiringuito… would he, or wouldn’t he? Sadly, Miss W couldn’t wait any longer to find out, and hotfooted it over to DC10 in anticipation of the education in house music that was to follow…

Jezebel at El Chiringuito: 25/08/10

Photography by Eva Kruiper