KM5’s 14th birthday: 03/07/08

No sooner had one birthday bash finished then an invitation arrived in Miss W’s inbox for another – only this time the invite in question was for one of the island’s most established, well, establishments, KM5, celebrating 14 years of glitz, glam and all-round-gorgeousness.

You have to admit, KM5 looks pretty unassuming from its position on the road to San Jose – the building itself is practically camouflaged by greenery and the faded white sign declaring its existence could almost be a road sign declaring your location – well, a hippy-fied and pretty road sign, but you get my drift.

Perhaps that’s why it’s so popular with the locals – it’s almost like an ultra chic hideout from the madness of the island during the tourist season, a place where you can catch up with friends and actually HEAR them speak over the music while your having a conversation – but then when you feel like taking it up a level there’s the dance floor inside so you get the best of both worlds.

But I digress. With a White-ette and her Wonderful Boyfriend in tow, Miss W donned her finest Jade Jagger-esque ensemble (I know it’s a bit of an Ibiza cliché but she really is one of my style icons – just roll with it) of gladiator sandals and a flowing bejewelled kaftan, complete with wavy locks and a spritz of Stella McCartney’s divine rose-scented fragrance just to keep the celebrity association going and hotfooted it to KM5 for a glass or three of celebratory bubbles before heading to Space for the opening of the one and only Danny Tenaglia’s new night.

Once again, the restaurant was completely booked out, each and every tent, lounge and cushion covered space was awash with Ibiza’s beautiful people all getting into the festive spirit. Miss W chose to linger by her favourite part of the garden – right beside the kitsch killer whale bar of course, the perfect spot for people watching as they revolve in and out of each entrance – before heading inside to quickly warm up her dancing shoes before the clock struck midnight (oh OK, I’ll admit it was a wee bit later than that) and she had to make her exit.

So many parties, so little time…


THE GOOD: The beautiful, balmy Ibiza weather. The last time Miss W was at KM5 it was blowing a gale, but tonight you couldn’t have sold your soul for a more perfect evening to spend amongst the lush garden settings and under the stars.

THE BAD: Why is it that KM5 events always fall on the same night as another major event on the island? Is it a matter of bad timing or the fact that there’s just too much going on in Ibiza and always something great at KM5 for that matter? Either way, Miss W is looking forward to the next time she can head to KM5 and settle in for the night without having to worry about dashing off to her next engagement!

THE GOSSIP: According to Miss W’s sources, certain restaurant diners were getting just a tad raucous after finishing their meals and rather than give up their seats and move to the crowded bar areas, chose to party at their table. While Miss W is never one to spoil the party, she’s also not one to spoil someone else’s five star meal – a little consideration for those around you is not too much to ask?