Bollywood Nights at KM5: 15/07/09

The idea of Bollywood-meets-Ibiza isn’t actually as far-fetched as it may seem. We have oodles of sparkle, the best music, fabulous shows and plenty of dancing, so quite a lot in common with the world’s largest film industry! As for the romance, love triangles, heroes, villains, fashion, drama and action – well, Ibiza has all of that too.

Tonight, it was all taking place under the stars at KM5 in the form of a Bollywood tribute party – and I was among the first to get my bindi on and get involved… along with a select group of White-ettes and a token white male, we gratefully accepted the delicious welcome cocktail – appropriately made with Bombay Gin – on the way in and pulled up a corner in one of the softly lit red hamacas, with plenty of room to check out all the action but enough privacy to hold a conversation above the chatter of the crowds.

Some of my favourite films have all been inspired by the movement – think Moulin Rouge, Slumdog Millionaire and even The Guru – and I was impressed with the amount of effort the crew at KM5 had gone to in order to recreate such glamorous and colourful scenes. Every single staff member was dressed to the nines with the theme, from brightly coloured silk saris, turbans and belly chains to the obligatory bindis and ladders of bracelets on the girls.

In the middle of the garden lounge was a long table packed with products of Indian origins – think beautiful pewter tea sets, special homemade tea blends, colourful glassware and more – it was almost enough o make Miss W ditch her raspberry mojito in favour of a nice warm cup of Darjeeling… or given the night’s high humidity factor, a nice cold iced tea – but not quite!

With Bollywood imagery dominating the large outdoor screens above the main building and ethnic grooves taking over the airwaves, it truly did feel as thought you’d stumbled onto a film set at one point, and Miss W had visions of herself being plucked from obscurity by a visiting Bollywood director and being thrust into superstardom overnight.

But then, the second mojito kicked in and I remembered I had a hot date with Pacha later that evening… so it looks like my Bollywood career will have to wait until after the season is finished at the very least. For now, a one-off party is as close as I’ll get!


THE GOOD: The makeshift make-up counter just by the infamous killer whale bar meant that even the most unsuspecting of diners could get in on the Bollywood action should they have arrived un-adorned. It’s the little touches like this that really make a party in my book…

THE BAD: For those who had just booked dinner at the restaurant, the loud music may have been just a little a bit overwhelming – we did notice the volume rise and fall a couple of times, perhaps suggesting an attempt to try and rectify the issue.

THE GOSSIP: I couldn’t help but wonder how the DJ managed to fit his headphones on over the turban, but considering it was Bollywood tunes blasting from the booth, I guessed flawless mixing wasn’t necessarily the order of the day.