KM5 opening party: 24/04/09

Have you ever gotten the feeling when you’re reading Miss W’s blog (twice a week like all good friends do I hope!) that it seems a little like Ibiza has it’s very own equivalent of the Sopranos soap opera dramas? I mean, if you wanted to compare it to the five families, there’s the Mambos, the Pachas, the Manumissions, the Es Vives and then of course, there’s the White-ettes.

Tonight at the KM5 opening, the (very well dressed, stylish and ever-so-lovely) Ibiza Mafioso were out in full force, table hopping, schmoozing and air kissing across tables, creating new allegiances, forging new bonds and checking out the opposition…

The new breed were making themselves known – that is, the Amantes, the Kurru Kurrus and the Revolvers plus some individual key players Miss W will be keeping a watchful eye on throughout the season. Rivalry? A healthy one at that – in fact, it is more like family-style camaraderie between this lot, who all have the island’s best interests at heart.

With a set menu offering KM5’s famous Argentinean solomillio as an option, it was no surprise that the mouthwatering scent of the tender beef grilling was filling the air from the minute we walked inside. Miss W couldn’t help but wonder how difficult it might be to be a vegetarian at this point?

Every year the KM5 crew make some fabulous changes to the venue and this year they have definitely gone all out – impressive glass walls, evenly surfaced grounds so you can now walk around in high heels and some striking low outdoor tables that softly emanate changing coloured lights but the quirky-chic highlight has to be the addition of some very cleverly designed high-backed chairs, made out of a deeply textured wood that were actually moulded to the shape of a 5. So kooky-but-cool (particularly when spied beside the Orca bar) it made Miss W feel a little like she’d fallen down the rabbit hole…

And the party was only just getting started!

As always, resident DJ Graham Sahara proved why he is invited to return behind the decks year after year, with a dance floor so crowded it actually felt a little like the Cocoon terrace at one stage. However despite the heaving crowds, it was speedy and easy to get to the bars meaning Miss W was never without a mojito for more than five minutes (not sure if that is a good or a bad thing?)

When the clock struck four, sadly the festivities had to wind down and we were forced to brave the slightly chilly air for a taxi home. Those braver than Miss W headed to the familiar surrounds of Pacha to continue partying well into the early hours – but I need my beauty sleep don’t you know!


THE GOOD: For those lucky enough to score the early dinner sitting (there were two sessions, one at 8.30 and one at 11.30), it was the perfect time and atmosphere to relax, unwind and check out (and schmooze with) the arriving guests as they walked into the venue!

THE BAD: For those dining throughout the late session, the room was filling up a little – plus the fabulous Foc I Fum stilt walkers were starting to do the rounds – so it was a little less relaxing and a little more hectic, however it didn’t seem as though anyone was bothered. And by the way – Miss W is DEFINITELY NOT a fan of people kissing me hello while I’m trying to eat.

While Miss W normally HATES to be the one to point out a fashion faux pas, there was little doubt that the local boys sporting glitter and face paint looked distinctly out of place in such a chic venue. There’s cool and then there’s contrived and I’m pretty sure it was the latter c-word they were leaning towards tonight.