Sarah Main’s Birthday Party at La Cava: 27/01/10

January in Ibiza is renowned for being a blissfully quiet month in Ibiza. With New Year’s resolutions of detoxing and getting fit in full effect for many people, the party circuit slows down and Ibiza’s socialites go into a hibernation of sorts. But there’s always an exception that lures us out of our social slumber… and tonight, it was the birthday party of Pacha’s premier party DJ, Sarah Main.

Held in the slick, suave and sassy new Ibiza town restaurant La Cava – the latest addition to Café Mambo owner Javier Anadón’s successful stable of businesses – the idea was an informal get together, some tasty tapas and celebratory drinks. Throw in a set of decks and some music, and you’ve got yourself a mid-week Ibiza knees up, that everyone still on the island was clamouring to attend.

One long communal table beneath the rosy-hued lights was set aside for those wanting to sample La Cava’s modern tapas fare. By all accounts, the tempura prawns and home made croquettes were the most popular bite-sized bits, though Miss W spotted mini-burgers, Serrano ham topped with quail eggs and stuffed cherry tomatoes that seemed to be disappearing off plates the second they were placed on the table.

The cava was flowing thick and fast (well, when in Rome… or La Cava as the case may be) and the long, narrow space filling up with familiar faces, eager to be out and about and catching up with each other after the Christmas and New Year break. The Ibiza mafia dons dominated one corner (oh, you know who I’m talking about and you know I’m saying it with love!) and the music aficionados propped up the bar, while the fashionistas flitted between groups, grateful for the cosy heating and an excuse to remove their coats and scarves and show off their ensembles!

Speaking of music, a temporary DJ booth had been set up by the door, creating a cosy and cool lounge bar vibe helped along by the disco stylings of Pacha resident DJ Andy Baxter (looking debonair in a suit jacket) who was later on, joined by the birthday girl herself. As they say, you can take the girl away from the disco…

Wrapping up at around the 3am mark, half of the party (the half without day jobs I suspect) moved on to Grial to continue on until the very early hours. In fact, Miss W (who made a sneaky retreat before getting roped along to Grial) hears whispers that the party was still going at lunchtime the following day, in a beautiful villa high on the hills of San Jose, until it was time to go back into hibernation mode… until the next excuse that is!


THE GOOD: La Cava is a very welcome edition to the winter bar and restaurant scene in Ibiza, seamlessly fusing the vibes of a modern cocktail and wine bar with the tastes of a traditional Spanish tapas joint. The mixed international clientele and addition of a live DJ make it a great late night hangout… and we hope to see them doing more events like this over the next few months,

THE BAD: The predominantly male contingent of party guests who were glued to the television screens showing football. Miss W isn’t a fan of sports being broadcast in a party – but if that’s what it takes to get the blokes out of the house in winter, what else can we do? At least it finishes before midnight!

THE GOSSIP: Does a certain Pacha tour manager think he’ll lose his magic touch with the ladies, Samson style, if he gets a haircut? That was the hot conversation topic of the night anyway – perhaps Pacha is planning to auction off those goldi-locks at their upcoming benefit for Haiti on Friday February 5th. Any hairdressers on the island want to volunteer for the job?