Queen’s Day at Nassau Beach Club: 30.04.10

Nassau Beach Club, Queens Day Celebrations - 30/04/10

Photography by Ana Lui

If you happened to be out and about, strolling the shores of Playa D’en Bossa at dusk last Friday night, you may have found yourself stumbling into a sea of orange. Nothing to do with drinking magic punch, rather, it was Nassau Beach Club, celebrating Dutch Queen’s Day.

And despite the fact Miss W has absolutely no Dutch heritage whatsoever, she was the first to don the obligatory splash of orange and get into the spirit of the occasion…

After a slightly chilly sunset walk down the beach (why, oh why did the temperature have to drop tonight?), Miss W and the White-ettes arrived slightly early, to see the chic venue draped in thousands of orange streamers, balloons, special orange lighting and the staff – including owner Christian and the jazz band grooving away on the deck – decked out in bright orange tees.

Nassau Beach Club, Queens Day Celebrations - 30/04/10

Photography by Ana Lui

Sweet smells were coming from the kitchen and I was fascinated to find out what was on the much-hyped up Dutch/Indonesian fusion menu – plus I was absolutely ravenous – so we quickly took our seats, feeling a little bit like we were sitting at the kid’s table at Christmas, given the fact there were only three of us, and most of the other tables were set for parties of 12 or more!

Starting with an aperitivo of a delicious little pastry parcel, filled with Gouda and Edam cheese, atop a delicious bed of crispy fried rocket (I’ve never even thought of frying rocket before, but now, I am putting it at the top of my to-cook list!) and with a sweet red berry sauce, I was pretty impressed. Only to be horrified by the following entrée dish of herring with herbs on bread – however our beloved Polish White-ette was more than happy to oblige and take it off my plate, assuring me that she, and the Dutch contingent, were actually thrilled to be served this, as it is a matter of cultural taste. What more could I say but thanks?

Saving myself for the main course turned out to be worth the wait as a two-plate Nasi Goreng, complete with a delicious chicken sate, banana fritter, fried rice and stir-fried chicken was next up. Hungry little Miss W almost had a conniption when the rice was served to her first, sans chicken, thinking she had received a vegetarian dish by mistake, however it turned out that the chicken was merely too much for one waiter to carry and it was served in a matter of minutes. Panicky minutes for this carnivore, let me tell you!

By the time desserts were on the way, we were feeling more in the party spirit, as the bar had started filling up with plenty of friends, and DJ Lenny Ibizarre was inspiring a makeshift dance floor to take place, so we opted out of the apple crumble! We mingled our way through the orange-embellished crowd of all ages, from little ones in disco get-ups and teen queens in the latest high street fashions, through to overly stylish grown ups and distinguished looking elderly gents, making our way to the bar for a little more cava… and before you know it the clock had struck 12 and party mode really kicked in!

So despite the fact I am not even remotely Dutch and the only Beatrix I had ever been familiar with until now was Ms Potter and Kill Bill’s heroine Beatrix Kiddo, I would like to take this opportunity and thank her royal highness for having such a day dedicated in her honour, and hope to do it all again next year!

Nassau Beach Club, Queens Day Celebrations - 30/04/10

Photography by Ana Lui


THE GOOD: Oooh, what lovely hair you have, Dutch expat community of Ibiza! Seriously – all the little boys have sweet, almost surfie-like floppy long blonde locks, the 20-somethings sport the grown up version, slicked back but still long, while the older generation still maintain a thick crop of blonde. And the girls – well, don’t get me started on their Gisele-esque manes. Hair envy? Yes, I have it.

THE BAD: To the gentlemen sitting at the table beside Miss W and the White-ettes: No, it is definitely NOT cool to smoke a cigar before dinner, nor is it cool to continue smoking your cigar during dinner. EVER. Hmmm… not that you bothered to ask if we minded. Cigars belong outside or in a delegated smoking lounge, complete with leather armchairs and deer antlers on the wall. Not in a beautiful beachside restaurant and definitely not next to Miss W. When, oh when, will the no smoking ban be embraced in Ibiza?

THE GOSSIP: Looks like news of a good party spreads fast, as plenty of non-Dutchies turned up just as the clock struck socialite o’clock, AKA midnight. With another hug ‘do going on down the beach at Sands, celebrating the 40th birthday of Nightmares on Wax main man DJ E.A.S.E (and the unofficial opening of the venue), plus the Queen’s Day shenanigans at Nassau, Playa D’en Bossa was definitely the place to be today.

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