Panorama at Sa Punta Inauguration: 30/05/09

sa puntaGazing up at the spectacular, stunning and supremely gorgeous view of Dalt Vila and the old town never fails to make my heart flutter and I love it even more when I have friends visiting and I can point up at the floodlit castle and throw in the ‘I live up there’ call. So tonight, with visiting friends and the White-ettes in tow – plus invitations clutched firmly in my freshly manicured hand – it was off to chic beach restaurant Sa Punta for the launch of their highly anticipated, much talked about, brand spanking new rooftop terrace bar, the very aptly named Panorama.

Arriving just after the sunset, it was clear the action was well and truly already taking place judging by the amount of cars expertly manoeuvered into the spaces in the surrounding rocky areas of Sa Punta – with the obligatory glossy black 4x4s in rock star position at the front gates of course. That’s just one of the many beauties of this Ibiza location, it’s literally only five minutes to town or Pacha, yet you’ll always nab a great parking space.

Whisked up the stairs by Sa Punta owners Rita and Rodolphe Sachs – pausing for the White-ettes to have their photos taken, A-list style on the red carpet – we were then treated to our first glimpse of the renovations that have kept the French couple on their toes all winter. Enormous white day beds contrasted with striking red umbrellas and matching oversized cushions set the scene, with amazing light formations perfectly poised in the tree tops high enough to be seen over the balcony edges.

It was that aforementioned panoramic view of Ibiza Town however, that really stole the show (despite a few wannabe fashionistas doing their very best to create their own diversions) and Miss W is a bit embarrassed to admit she may have told absolutely everyone at the party (or at least, anyone who’d listen!) that she lives up there in the castle. Probably twice. Oops.

DJs Tom Middleton and Colin Peters – who was looking very dapper in a black suit jacket – provided the perfect musical soundtrack to the evening, ranging from a splash of jazzanova and a little dash of 80s pop classics fused with eclectic beats and smooth sounds until 3am. We hear there will be regular events at Panorama with very special appearances from some of the island’s finest DJs – potentially the finest sunset spot on the island’s east coast and a welcome alternative to our old faves.

While a lot of the crowd appeared to be very jet-set and just that leetle bit older than Miss W, there were still enough familiar faces in the crowd to feel at home, including most of our very own fashion and style section! But we wouldn’t expect anything less really, considering Sa Punta are collaborating with two of the island’s most successful business-woman on the launch of Panorama, an executive decision we think will further propel them into the must-visit lists of all future Ibiza holidaymakers.


THE GOOD: Every step of this party was smooth and ultra-professional, from the slick envelopes embossed with metallic red, logos containing swish coordinated invitations and business cards.