Pura Vida Hello Summer: 04/06/09

In case you hadn’t noticed by the amount of new people on the island, the number of sun-kissed faces on show and the g.l.o.r.i.o.u.s. weather we’ve been having of late, the calendar has well and truly flipped into June and summer. The good folk at Pura Vida have dutifully been checking the date, judging by the theme of today’s party – the very appropriately named Hello Summer!

In the late afternoon, the White-ettes arrived with Little Miss White in tow, all dressed up and ready to play in the new Kid’s Corner (that’s the little one mind you, not the White-ettes – though of course we made a fashionable effort too!) with White’s new Children’s editor, Christina Bosmans – who was co-hosting the event as part of the launch of kidsinibiza.com – and her trusty sidekick clown. A pretty impressive clown may we add, not just a wig and some floppy shoes! After a shaky start, Little Miss White eventually had her face painted and was bonding with the other littlies over lucky dips, meaning we could step out onto the terrace and enjoy the rest of the afternoon, leaving her in expert hands…

Speaking of expert hands, Pura Vida’s new Ashtanga Yoga instructor Stefan was on hand to introduce himself to all and sundry, letting us know all about the new classes he’ll be holding on the terrace every Tuesday morning – something we can’t wait to try, especially now bikini season is well and truly upon us.

But before embarking on the fitness regime, it was time to step up to the food station serving tapas – the restaurant was offering an amazing looking full-scale three course menu, however the White-ettes preferred to eat on the hop today – the perfect little snacks which means you need not stop mingling all night!

As is typical in Ibiza, once the sun went down, the action started to heat up – DJs and dancing plus a spectacular fire dancer twirling on the sand and cocktail bartenders having to work overtime to quench out thirsts, proving that no matter what time you head to Pura Vida, it is ALWAYS a good time, whether you want a healthy morning, lazy lunch or hedonistic night.

And if you’re as lucky as the White-ettes, you could just be in for all three…
The kids corner definitely took the pressure off frazzled mums and dads, who got to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and laidback atmosphere for a few hours before having to return to reality!

THE BAD: While holidaymakers are free to enjoy long, lazy lunches followed by all-night partying, for Miss W at least, Thursdays are still a ‘school night’ which meant she needed to make an early exit, though my sources say the party went on until 2am with plenty of dancing beneath the stars to special guest DJ Chris Montana.

THE GOSSIP: Is there a type of politics when it comes to welcome drinks? The nature of the concept suggests to Miss W that you receive one drink upon arrival, however more than one partygoer was spotted returning for a top up (ahem – or more than one) – no wonder they started to put a price on the wine as the evening went on! Manners please next time!