Ibiza restaurant review: Las Dos Lunas


Photography by Ana Lui

For most people, August in Ibiza is all about house music and crowds of tourists who want to get their bling on. For me, August is all about the secret hideaways to which I can escape, relax and enjoy hot summer nights, with fantastic food and great company. Las Dos Lunas has that covered.

This family run institution sits on the road from Ibiza to San Antonio (or vice versa!), just past Amnesia. Steeped in history, its legendary owners have been wining and dining more than just Ibiza royalty for years – the real, live king of Spain sits at the table opposite me! I had the feeling we were going to eat well…


Photography by Ana Lui

Everything at Las Dos Lunas has a personal touch. We drank a bottle of crisp white wine (not too dry, just as I’d requested) from the restaurants own vineyards in Tarragona Catalunya, Doni Barrica, in beautifully embossed wine glasses. Nice touch. We oohed and aahed over the gorgeous fashion in the pages of Le Cirque magazine – brought over by a family friend from Buenos Aires – whilst tucking into an appetiser of fresh mortadella and salami to further oohs and aahs.

What I love about Las Dos Lunas is it’s a restaurant which makes ‘normal’ food taste outstanding. We started with a traditional Italian salad with avocado, corn, rocket and the most exquisite tomatoes from the restaurant’s own veggie garden, literally bursting with flavor. I don’t often fight over tomatoes, and tonight we managed to settle the dispute over who would eat the last tomato on the plate amicably… We cut it in half.


Photography by Ana Lui

Next were the pastas… I’m not normally a one pasta girl let alone a two pasta girl, but then again, I’ve never eaten pasta like that at Las Dos Lunas before. I’m also not normally a Carbonara fan, in the modern sense of the word. It’s all cream and fatty bacon, – a moment on the lips, lifetime on the hips, right? Here you can think again… Carbonara is a dish best served old (style). Pasta (rigatoni) served perfectly al dente, almost crunchy, no cream, just the egg, ultra crispy pancetta with absolutely no fat. The generous portion of rocket topping this dish was the perfect peppery partner. Quite frankly, I think it’s the best Carbonara on the planet.


Photography by Ana Lui

Despite wearing my tight bandage dress, I almost begged to try another dish, Spaghetti Marinara, after the Carbonara. I wanted to see how those delectable tomatoes fared in a home made tomato based sauce. Once again, delicious. Not too garlicky either, a regular complaint for me in the marinara department. Perfect for a romantic dinner date then!


Photography by Ana Lui

As we took a breather from the feast to make room for our main course (that’s right, the pasta was just an entrée) I was enchanted by the cosy atmosphere on the colorful terrace, with its hand-painted floor. In strolled the families, one by one, youngest to oldest dressed up to the nines. I couldn’t help but think about my own family dinners, however, I’m rather sure our behavior was slightly more rowdy than the impeccably behaved children in Las dos Lunas!

My choice: the freshest of fresh sea bass (no overly sweet fish farmed fish here) served with scallop potato and vegetable strips – fresh and succulent, delicate flavors, but still quite a nice meaty piece of fish, with crispy skin. Naughty but nice, retaining the taste of the sea.


Photography by Ana Lui

My companion’s choice: veal medallions with a Mediterranean sauce of olives, capers and tomatoes. Mouthwatering tenderness, exquisitely complemented by those legendary tomatoes. What stood out for me most of all, all night, were the vibrant, vivid colors of the food, matching the intensity of the flavour perfectly.


Photography by Ana Lui

Another standout for me was the music. An eclectic selection taking you from jazz and flamenco to Jack Jones, and (yes you heard it right) Take That! A real trip down memory lane. Much like my father’s music collection, it reminded me of times gone past and the warm, cosy feeling that being with family gives you… a feeling I get with every visit to Las Dos Lunas.


Photography by Ana Lui

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