Sands Beach Restaurant opening party: 09/05/09

There’s a certain island character who’s been keeping himself uber-busy this winter – despite the fact he was busy and bouncy beforehand – and that’s the eternally optimistic, always smiling and forever friendly entrepreneur extraordinaire Jason Bull, of the iconic Base Bar and Es Vive fame. With two new ventures in the pipeline for 2009, in conjunction with some high-profile partners, we’ve been looking forward to the unveiling of his latest projects for some time – and today marked the opening of numero uno, Sands Beach Restaurant in Playa den Bossa.

Situated at the Space end of the beach – quite literally, at the very end of the hotel opposite the club – Sands has all the qualities of a rustic chiringuito like stripped back wooden furniture and palm covered terraces combined with modern touches like multi-coloured crystal chandeliers, a slick bar and fantastic food. The menu comes courtesy of chef Luciano Scardaccione (from Restaurant Es Vive) and I must admit, I did not see one dish that didn’t make my mouth water. Top recommendations included the tuna tartar, a risotto and the luscious-looking steak.

Of course, being an opening party it was all about seeing and being seen and Miss W was table-hopping from the minute she arrived. From the Es Vive camp and the Pacha brigade to the Sonica gang, Team Manumission (including fancy-dress clad mini-Claires) and Carl Cox and co – plus the White-ettes of course, all and saundry were there to help mark the auspicious occasion – each and every table was booked (perhaps thanks to the expertise of much-loved Ibiza host Alex Pascual?) and by 6pm the lack of floor space was starting to resemble a rave!

The music courtesy of Sands resident DJ Olli Odd and the Ibiza Sonica lads set the tone perfectly for an afternoon by the beach, despite the fact ominous rain clouds and the occasional droplet kept everyone undercover and promo girls handing out energy drinks ensured everyone was buzzing – and making the obligatory jokes regarding the name. Yes folks, I am slightly miffed to be reporting that the name of said drink is Pussy. I kid you not. Insert predictable comment here.

As the families started to disperse and the stag do began to arrive, Miss W could feel a definite shift in the tone of the evening… one which continued well into the night and in fact, continued on to Es Vive later on. Was Miss W being led astray by certain partygoers? What can I say? In the words of the immortal television show, like Sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives…


THE GOOD: Locals showing their support on an opening party is one thing, but getting them to return after the initial event is another. Miss W is happy to report that she returned to Sands the following Monday for lunch and once again, the venue was full of the same crowd – though this time conducting meetings, having lazy lunches and even sunbathing with the kids outside. Nice work!

THE BAD: To me, a beach bar is about chilling out – it’s not trying to be the Base Bar by the sea. However someone seemed to have forgotten to mention this to the late-night-DJ whose identity shall remain a secret (though you know – and we know – who you are) and seemed to be doing his best impersonation of a club night set.

THE GOSSIP: It seems the coolest accessory to have this summer in Ibiza is a beach bar – honestly, new ones are popping up faster than you can say Playa den Bossa. Nassau kicked off the trend last year, Sands has been the first to revive it in 2009 and our red hot tip is to keep an eye out for the ultra-cool Delano (beside Bora Bora) and the chic new La Plage de L’elephant at the very far end of Coco Beach. Forget pub crawls – 2009 is all about the Playa den Bossa beach bar crawl baby…