Savannah Opening Party with Sebastian Ingrosso: 30/04/09

Living on an island that offers perhaps THE most famous sunset in the world does not mean you ever take it for granted. No sireeeee, definitely not. In fact, island residents and locals alike are more than proud (and sometimes fiercely protective) of the fact the sun sets in our west each and every night of the year and we have an entire strip of amazing bars dedicated to the fact just to show it off to its full potential.

Of course, in winter, the sunset strip shuts up shop well and truly – San Antonio becomes slightly desolate and ghost town like as the sun curves to the right, just out of view of the bars and a chilly wind takes over the paseo, rather than the flip-flopped feet of tourists in the sunnier months. All the better for us we say, winking at each other safe in the knowledge we know all the other secret spots to watch sunset from in winter. And all the more reason to throw a party when the bars reopen – and tonight, it was Savannah‘s time to shine.

The Anadón family – who, let’s face it are the dons of San Antonio – had also spent the afternoon celebrating the reopening of their fabulous beach chiringuito at Cala Gracioneta, so there were plenty of sun-kissed faces sitting on the Savannah terrace who were obviously doing the double act for the day. After a few minutes of investigative journalism (also known as schmoozing) Miss W ascertained many of the sun-kissed faces (and a couple of freshly shaven heads) also came courtesy of a day trip to Formentera in honour of The Shop head honcho Simeon Friend’s birthday. A triple celebration indeed.

It definitely felt like a family affair tonight, with siblings, parents, newborn babies and ‘island family’ alike converging on the terrace to catch up, chill out and cool off from the sultry summer-like temperatures outside. There was a lot of table-hopping going on and not-so-secret pre-summer gossip being exchanged over tasty tapas style snacks and chilled vino blanco before the hierbas shots began doing the rounds – about the same time the parents and bubs left the building and the crowd converged inside the bar.

One-third of the Swedish House Mafia – who will be hosting Monday nights at Pacha this season, filling the gap left by Roger Sanchez – Sebastian Ingrosso made a special guest appearance behind the decks before dashing off to the club for a taste-tester of what’s in store for the summer.

Miss W had all the best intentions of leaving Savannah early (ish) and getting an early night but as the saying goes, time really does fly when you’re having fun and no sooner had she bade farewell to the White-ettes, it was actually nearing 3am! Upon realisation that tomorrow was actually a holiday, I begrudgingly allowed myself to be whisked away to Pacha, all modern day Cinderella-like in a shiny silver Hummer, to spend the rest of the night practicing my dance moves, in preparation for the season that is sneaking up faster than ever…


THE GOOD: Catching our first sunset of the summer in San Antonio. Still just as magical as the last one and looking forward to plenty more throughout the season. Let the good times roll…

THE BAD: Being the first day of trading, there were no cocktails served tonight at Savannah which Miss W thought was a real shame, since I love nothing more than a mojito or three while watching the sun go down. All was not lost however, as our most gracious host Javier more than compensated for the loss with a bottle of the finest French fizz for Miss W and the White-ettes. Awww…. Thanks!

THE GOSSIP: The DJ line-up at Savannah today was stellar to say the least, but Miss W heard whispers of a mix-up or three behind the scenes. A sunset session by one DJ apparently amounted to just one song, the very special international guest had left his music on the plane just hours before and another was allegedly a no-show. Three cheers to Tom Peppe, who warmed up for Sebastian Ingrosso (once he’d recovered his tunes) and kept the Savannah terrace grooving, none the wiser to the dramas behind the decks…