Ibiza foodies

Mediterranean purity

Atzaró Beach is one of those rare Balearic gems that takes the raw magnificence of its setting and builds a stunning, contemporary space around it.

Before you’ve been to Ibiza, it’s hard to imagine how many different shades of blue are in existence.

Everyone can conjure an azure-hued sky; and the majority can recall a turquoise-tipped wave, but after one day spent on-island, your definition of the world’s favourite colour is blown wide open. Because in fact, there are myriad versions of blue on this wind-blasted Balearic rock, and when you see it for the first time, your eyes can’t quite comprehend it. Take Atzaró Beach in Cala Nova, for example – this is a place brimming with beachside blues. Part of the esteemed Atzaró Group, Atzaró Beach is one of those rare Balearic gems that takes the raw magnificence of its setting and builds a stunning, contemporary space around it. Boasting spectacular sea views, charming white wooden furniture, and splashes of vibrant turquoise, not to mention quirky little touches like disused lobster cages, raffia parasols and ornamental fish that bump together in the breeze, it’s an authentically relaxed yet luxurious seaside space designed specifically with long, lazy lunches and laid-back, salt-kissed dinners in mind. There’s no doubt that this venue encompasses all the signature style you’ve come to love and expect from the Atzaró Group.

Situated on the island’s east coast, Cala Nova is a spot adored and adorned by locals. A long stretch of fine, golden sand, it’s the perfect location for sinking into a chair or daybed and really getting to grips with the slow, relaxed pace of Mediterranean summer life. And of course, there’s something at Atzaró Beach to keep everyone happy, every hour of every day. Here, they cater for all tastes and desires, so stop by for brunch, stay for lunch, and then don’t be surprised if it segues into a magical, starlit dinner. In keeping with the beach club’s authentic yet deluxe appeal, the Mediterranean menu is inspired by fresh, delicious ingredients, sourced locally wherever possible, and each ingredient is treated like royalty before finding its way to the plate. If you’re spending the afternoon on a decadent daybed, tuck into the mouth-watering selection of tapas, which you can pick at while you lounge or in between bouts of sun-worshipping. Crunchy king prawns with sweet and sour chilli, Iberian ham with fresh tomato bread or steamed mussels Marinera all feature.

To start, try the traditional Spanish gazpacho, the Burratina with pesto and homemade tomato jam or the beef carpaccio with rocket and parmesan – you find that the menu is simply awash with Mediterranean favourites that have been modernised with a creative twist. The main menu is divided into fish, meat, pasta and paella subsections, so there’s plenty of local flavour to sample. The bullit de peix (stewed fish with rice) is an Ibicenco speciality that must be tasted, the grilled spiny lobster from Ibiza is a luxurious treat and the sea bass with vegetables and pea puree is divine. Meat lovers will be delighted by the Atzaró Aberdeen Angus beef burger or beef tenderloin with candied shallots, while those looking for a hearty plate of food will find solace in the homemade spinach ravioli stuffed with pumpkin and ricotta, or any of the variants featured on the extensive paella menu – black rice and seafood specialities among them. The wise know to always leave room for dessert, and that should especially be the case here, where cheesecake with fruit coulis, chocolate coulant with vanilla ice cream and fruit carpaccio with caramelised cream cheese all vie for the position of best in house.

Atzaró Beach is the kind of relaxed, beachside experience that you go in search of when you’re in Ibiza. Open to everyone, and with a captivating kids’ corner to keep the little ones occupied while you relax, not to mention stunning live music played on various dates across summer, it embodies that warm, authentic welcome that you want in a home away from home. Stylish yet carefree, world-class but rooted in the island’s natural appeal, this is beachside dining at its best – not a blue mood in sight.