Caviar Corner: B12 The Gallery


Lovers of luxury and the finer things in life – we’re talking strictly art and caviar here folks – will feel safe in the knowledge that both passions can now be combined here in Ibiza within the wonderful B12 The Gallery space, just outside of Ibiza town.

In addition to being quite the art guru, B12 The Gallery director Behdad Tehrani is also a caviar connoisseur, thanks to his Iranian origins, and now brings the very best caviar in the world – Caviar Classic – exclusively from the Caspian Sea to our Balearic shores.

Available in the gallery’s very own ‘Caviar Corner‘, or distributed directly via home delivery (B12 is also the exclusive distributor for Spain) for private parties, luxurious dinners and special events (or even over a movie, should your tastes lean towards such luxury!), Caviar Classic is now yours for the feasting.

Read more about B12 The Gallery & enquire about Caviar Classic here

B12 The Gallery, Caviar Corner