The day of the openings: 04/04/09

A week before Easter and the island is literally glowing – not just from the sunshine but the amount of scrubbing, cleaning, sweeping, buffing, polishing and painting it has received in preparation for Open Season. And we’re not even close to talking about the clubs yet – this is the time when hotels, restaurants and bars return to the fray, getting into the swing of things with a practice run before the summer truly arrives.

So let me give you a brief rundown of today’s happenings:

4pm: Sa Punta. While the restaurant was officially reopened today, the White-ettes preferred to pop in for a quick drink on the terrace and congratulate the delightful Rita and Rodolphe on a job well done with their extensive renovations – having spent all winter completely refurbishing and adding a spectacular roof terrace, we were eager to check it out. While it’s pretty hard to improve on amazing, Sa Punta has definitely taken it to the next level and with plenty of special events planned and a new menu del dia, Miss W can see herself spending a lot of time here over the summer.

6pm: Boutique Hostal Salinas. Having recently been taken over and completely renovated by new owners Anita, Dusi and David, the opening of this boutique hotel just across the road from our favourite beach was next port of call. The White-ettes were forced to pause while Miss W had a Disney Princess moment on the quaint miniature bridge over a pond leading, to the sunny outdoor bar and terrace, then continued over to the ultra-cool outdoor lounge area. We can definitely see this hip little hangout becoming the next big thing for après-beach drinks this summer.

7pm: Blue Marlin. She’s baaaaack! Beach bar to the stars (and Miss W and the White-ettes), Blue Marlin is officially back in action from today and judging by the huge crowd this event pulled, it was something the island’s population had been eagerly awaiting. Up and coming young local DJ Tom Peppe made an impressive debut behind the decks, encouraging the already-up-for-it crowd (sipping on champagne and mojitos like it was going out of fashion) to groove from their daybeds and brush up on their daytime dance moves before moving onto…

10pm: Bambuddha Grove. The big one! After being out and about all afternoon, Miss W was definitely ready to take a seat! Thankfully, we learned from previous Bambuddha Grove experiences and remembered to book a table for tonight, which meant cruising on in to be seated in one of the best spots in the house – straight against the glass window so we could spy on all the comings and goings. As tonight was the final ‘opening party’ for Bambuddha founder John Moon – next year he plans to retire and pass the business onto daughter Sasha and son Jonjon – the entire island was out in force to show their support. We were literally surrounded – tables representing the island big guns were on all sides, from the Café Mambo family and the Ocho brigade to the Km5 crew and the Kurru Kurru collective. But don’t think for a minute this was all about business – at one point there were even olive pips flying across tables in an attempt to gain the White-ettes attention.

Well, you can’t blame the guy for trying!


THE GOOD: Ibiza was showing off today – crystal clear blue skies, golden sunshine, sparkling turquoise water and warm temperatures that meant little more than a summer dress was required – in the daytime anyway! Clear away the winter wardrobes folks… because summer is literally just around the corner!

THE BAD: I know everyone has to take turns at being the designated driver every now and again, but why did today have to be my turn? Not that I need alcohol to have fun of course…. but…. but…. it was just such a lovely day for it!! At least I know they’ll still be there tomorrow…

THE GOSSIP: Was there something in the (ahem!) water at Blue Marlin today? While Miss W obviously abstained, there were plenty of guests getting carried away at the first hint of sun and sand, having such a good time they didn’t even make it to their dinner reservations at Bambuddha Grove. Perhaps next year the bars and restaurants will be so kind as to coordinate their opening dates so they don’t clash?