Ibizkus and Totem Wine tasting at Sa Punta: 08/04/09

In wine circles on the island – and yes we have them thank you very much – the buzz of last season was all about Ibizkus, a rosé born, bred and bottled right here in Ibiza. Well it’s harvest time again (conveniently in time for summer!) and this year the wine’s creator, Laurent Fresard, has also developed a red wine. Hmmmm, my favourite tipple actually…

The newly revamped terrace of much-loved seaside restaurant Sa Punta was to play host and Miss W and the White-ettes were looking forward to an afternoon in the sun, sipping wine and snacking on canapés however the weather report ensured we were dressed for anything but! Sadly the sun decided not to show its face at all for the occasion and our little island was hit with a barrage of windy rainstorms, meaning we actually had to don our winter coats and scarves again.

So back to the business (ahem! If that’s what you call it!) of drinking wine. Ibizkus was the first drop to be unveiled, with a gorgeous new bottle featuring beautifully embossed hibiscus flowers – so pretty it almost seems a shame to crack open the bottle and drain the pretty pink hued liquid it contains. I said a-l-m-o-s-t…

Thankfully there were none of those horrid take-a-swig-then-spit-it-out buckets on the table here today – what a waste that would have been! I’m not going to pretend to be a wine expert and waffle on about the types of grapes or the many flavours I experienced. I’ll simply say this: I like it a lot! The thing about Ibizkus is that it’s more-ish – one sip is never enough!

And then there was Totem. A lovely little drop definitely more suited to the temperature today, that’s for sure. While the wine was showed off to perfection in stylish crystal decanters, you couldn’t have gotten any more stylish than the uber-chic crowd made up of Ibiza restaurant royalty, concierge queens and PR princesses standing around looking ultra-glam and uber-cool nibbling on wafer thin slices of Serrano, tempura prawns and vegetarian snacks.

Miss W meanwhile, managed to drip sweet and sour sauce down her top and get greasy fingerprints on her jacket. There’s always one in the crowd…

Rather than let the almost torrential weather rain on his parade (sorry!), the ‘wine man’ simply rolled with it, setting up huge heaters around the wine barrels on Sa Punta’s terrace, enclosed by plastic, protecting us from the rain but never blocking the view – Dalt Vila surrounded by mist and storms is just as postcard worthy as a sunny day. All the more reason to stay for another glass of vino tinto please!

THE BAD: Miss W doesn’t want to risk sounding greedy here so please let me preface this by saying I am thinking with the benefit of the Ibiza food and drink professionals when I say that I was surprised to leave Sa Punta holding only a press release with no takeaway bottles to be seen! One would presume further tasting would be encouraged, if not compulsory, however perhaps it was due to the fact the wine is extremely limited, with only 4000 bottles produced that guests weren’t presented with a bottle to call their very own?

THE GOSSIP: While the White-ettes were flattered to be considered professionals over the course of the three-day wine tasting event, we were also slightly offended to discover day three was actually a ‘friend’s’ day tomorrow complete with live entertainment… and we had been invited to day two, which meant missing out on the fun stuff!