Killing Thyme

Photography by Annie Peel

Tiny mauve buds open into white petals with just the vaguest hint of violet. Because it is new growth the leaves are a light green and their texture has not become too dry yet. The stalk is all soft too. At this time (thyme, ha ha, how hilarious) of year I add it to sauces such as salsa verde and mix into salads. As the season goes on I find it dries out too much so ain’t that nice, just raw. It ain’t bad, don’t get me wrong, its just not so nice.

Women make infusions with it and say it tastes nice. It is distinctly good for you. You could add it to (the) lemonade (you have been conscientiously making since my last entry). You can add it to just about everything you eat at the moment and it has a particular affinity with white fish, chicken and tomatoes. In fact, it goes jolly nice with goats cheese salad.

Thyme grows wild  here so you if you wanted some for free you could go for a walk and dig some up. Alternatively you could just drive to a garden centre and buy some. Or get someone else to.

Beyond my pots and flower beds the field opposite has now become baked sand colour and will stay that way till September/October of next year. Until now it has been a kaleidoscope of colour. It seems to change from week to week from that bright yellow citrusy stuff to the bluey purple of the borage and the blood red of the poppies. There are also white rocket flowers and my favourite of all, the pink garlic flowers – of which more another thyme.

Photography by Annie Peel

Goats Cheese Salad

  • Half a tomato per person roasted with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Maldon salt, black pepper and thyme (do this slowly so the tomato dehydrates intensifying the flavour and sweetness)
  • The nicest leaves you can get hold of (there are some superb mixes of organic leaves at the moment, many of them coming from Farmer Rene ‘s Organic Garden Can Riera)
  • Toasted pinenuts
  • A vinaigrette made with sherry vinegar, dijon mustard, salt, garlic and olive oil

Toss all these together and add on top:

  • 1 slice of goats cheese per person, grilled till golden and bubbling
  • 1 slice of Juanito’s white bread toasted and rubbed with garlic (not optional)

Photography by Annie Peel