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Pizza night with a twist

Mimì Pizza Bistrot & Cocktails is set to become an Ibiza institution creating a new island tradition amongst family and friends, locals and visitors alike.

If music is the international language bringing cultures together then the culinary equivalent has to be pizza. That mix of velvety dough topped with deep red tomato sauce and creamy mozzarella is Italy’s gift to humankind.

Grazie Italia! Now, what if you could eat the planet’s favourite dish in a setting that was so lovely, so romantic, so divine that people have been known to weep with joy (okay, maybe not weep but you get the picture)? Welcome to Mimì Pizza Bistrot & Cocktails by Can Domingo. The team from the celebrated Italian fine dining restaurant in San Jose have opened their delightful terrace and garden to bring a whole new pizza experience to the island. The menu features everyone’s favourite classics plus a list of toppings served separately, almost like tapas. Each member of your party can create their perfect pizza at the table and best of all you get to try combinations you might never have thought of before. Actually, best of all are the cocktails, which have been perfectly paired, like fine wine, to the pizzas.

Naturally, the philosophy of quality seasonal produce is followed as rigidly as in Can Domingo’s fine dining menu – which is presented alongside the new concept for those who cannot resist the delicate and delicious offerings. The mozzarella is delivered from a small producer in Italy every week; the sausage is handmade in the Can Domingo kitchen; the rocket and herbs are plucked directly from the garden and the cocktails are created from scratch using various homemade syrups, tinctures and flavourings. Toppings include home-grown grilled vegetables, Parma ham, Cetara anchovies, Salina capers, homemade sundried tomatoes, fresh rocket, Taggia olives – the list goes on and on. Order a classic Margherita, Bianca, Marinara, Quattro Formaggio or Spicy Salami and go to town on the toppings of your choice. Each slice designed by you. Or of course, you could do as the Italians do and simply enjoy the pizza in its simplicity. There are no rules at Mimì Pizza Bistrot & Cocktails by Can Domingo. There’s also a selection of focaccia with everything made to be shared, including the view stretching out in a kaleidoscope of greens and blues across the gardens to the sea.

Every month, Chef Giuseppe Vivacqua adds his own creations to the menu with four or five bespoke pizza combinations. The homemade dough might be topped with roast potatoes, smoked Scamorza and Guanciale bacon; buffalo stracchino cheese, mortadella and lemon zest or fresh tomatoes with avocado, buffalo mozzarella, olive oil and basil. There is also a refined list of everyone’s favourite Italian dishes such as Caprese salad, melanzane alla parmigiana and a seriously impressive lasagne. On Thursday nights at Mimì Pizza Bistrot & Cocktails, pizza comes with very accessibly priced champagne – a culinary match of pure genius that blends perfectly with the smooth tunes and the sparkling stars above. And during July and August, an extra dose of magic is added to the happenings at both Mimì and Can Domingo, as the resident jazz band brings harmony to the stunning location with everyone’s favourite jazz, blues and soul classics.

Pizza night isn’t really pizza night if it’s not followed up with a classic Italian dessert (and a glass of Italian dessert wine or another cocktail, if you insist). Local strawberries with creamy vanilla ice cream, traditional pannacotta that melts on the tongue, sgroppino sorbet with vodka for a grown-up sweet treat, and a range of homemade ice creams and sorbets. However, the Mimì tiramisu is truly mind-blowing – the perfect concoction of creamy mascarpone, velvety cocoa, uplifting brandy and coffee to end the evening. Mimì Pizza Bistrot & Cocktails is set to become an Ibiza institution, creating a new island tradition amongst families and friends, locals and visitors alike. There is nothing better than pizza night – especially when the pies are made with so much love and come with cocktails and champagne served under the glittering Mediterranean skies.