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Evening oasis

One trip to Salvia at Ca Na Xica is never enough.

Standing gracefully within expansive fields of green, fine dining destination Salvia at Ca Na Xica offers an oasis of relaxed elegance, its serene surrounds softly illuminated as beautiful sunny day turns gently and gracefully into night.

Against the sparkling, star-lit sky owners Alex Piella and Carla Espinosa have created an unparalleled dining experience – one that simply needs to be experienced to be believed. The focus on creating a relaxed, natural environment is one of the driving passions that has pushed the success of Salvia forward, alongside its strong ethos on quality service, high-grade ingredients and creative, thoughtful dishes. While the emphasis is on allowing the freshness and natural flavours of the produce to shine through, head chef Sergio Zubiadut also likes to bestow a contemporary, Ca Na Xica twist on each and every plate.

As night falls, a sense of magic envelops the fields surrounding Salvia at Ca Na Xica. Cicadas sing in the distance, while birds circle around the trees at sunset before settling in for the night. Hundreds of candles create a romantic atmosphere within the restaurant and trees light up thanks to stylish wicker pendant lamps strewn from the branches. On Saturday nights throughout summer, Ca Na Xica also hosts live music nights – further adding to the alfresco ambience – with local artsists including Island Thrills, Matteo Crocetti, Elena Tovar, Aránzazu, Rafa Peletey and Oh La La among others showcasing their talents. Once you’ve taken your seat, the biggest dilemma at Ca Na Xica is what to order! Spoilt for choice doesn’t even come close. Start with hand-crafted starters such as the light and crispy Kataifi crayfish with sweet mango chutney to plump vegetable gyozas served with soy and chilli sauce. For those looking for healthy options, the salads at Salvia are taste-sensational, with much of the produce coming from the onsite garden and orchard, or from local Ibiza farms. Think of fresh and flavoursome bowls of goodness such as the fluffy quinoa, vegetable and nut salad with agave syrup vinaigrette or the marinated chicken salad with mango and crunchy pappadums.

If you have a hankering for something more hearty, the Ibiza country chicken is marinated in juice from the abundant island lemons and topped with local herbs; steak tartare is served atop health-boosting marrow and tobiko roe is an amazing twist on the French classic, while the certified Black Angus loin is slow-cooked to perfection in the Josper oven to create a melt-in-the-mouth taste that is nothing short of sublime. The grilled croaker ‘à la meunière’ also puts another surprising twist on a famous accompaniment while the wild seabass in red wine sauce with homemade gnocchi is simply divine. A homemade seafood Paella (served in single portions) embraces the restaurant’s natural Spanish spirit, with the added twist of kimchi mayonnaise to create a delectable contrast. To accompany the culinary creations, an expertly selected wine list has been designed especially for Ca Na Xica, with the restaurant priding itself on offering rare and unusual drops to its clients. “We don’t offer wines that can be found just anywhere, or in the supermarket,” Alex explains of this ethos. “We use our expert sources to find recommendations that are unique. When word gets out, and those wines start to be seen around the island, we upgrade our wine list again. We always want to bring our guests something different and unique.”

As the night deepens, the dessert menu starts calling, and once you’ve tasted the incredible homemade lemon meringue cake or the signature Piña Colada dessert – a pineapple and custard combination that tastes like a tropical holiday – you’ll see why loyal Salvia fans always leave room for indulgence at the end of their meals. As you stroll out through the fields of beautiful tall, wild grass, the soft Mediterranean breeze in the air and the sounds of Bossa Nova or jazz floating on the airwaves, it’s a certainty you’ll be planning your return visit, because one trip to Salvia at Ca Na Xica is never enough.

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