Whacking off at the end of a long season


Wakame Salad photography by Annie Peel

Wakame salad is divine. Perhaps not divine in the Judeo-Christian sense so much as divine in a sort of Buddhist-ish way, what with it being Japanese and all. But I digress and I haven’t even really started.

Wakame. Lovely. Weird, weird, crunchy but wet, tasteless but sensual, googoo muck green. Wakame, makame, wakoff. I went in search of it and found it in B.For by Planet Sushi. This Ibiza restaurant’s brilliant treatment of it firmed up my love affair with this most excellent of flora – sesame seed, sesame oil and chilli. Man, I love it. Love the way it slips down.

In B.For’s (supposedly) inimitable style the salad was not only beautifully dressed, it was thoughtfully served: the wakame was lain over a generous pile of iceberg thus meaning we didn’t get overloaded with it and could fill up on the crisp lettuce beneath. Super. Another treat was the price – a giveaway 14.50€ (including all the free iceberg). Even as I was delighting in the salad, I was already dreading the end of the season when B.For would close its doors until the following year and so put an end to this esoteric pleasure.

So imagine my excitement and pleasure when I found it in one of the Ibiza wholesalers just yesterday. Unfortunately my excitement was quickly dampened as I realised that however good a chef I might think I am there was no way I could reproduce the dressing that had made this salad into a New Ibiza Classic.

I was completely dumbfounded when I opened the frozen kilo package (clocking in at a total of 16€) and found that it came with the exact same dressing as served in B.For. What a coincidence! Furthermore for my 16 bucks I could eat a similar sized salad to that served in the restaurant everyday for 20 or so days. Inimitable no more. Perfect.
Ingredients: 1 kilo wakame salad
Method: Defrost it