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10 reasons to get Lashed by Jayne

The best semi-permanent lash extensions here in Ibiza

Whether you’re a lash-challenged lass or simply looking for a new look, Lash by Jayne offer the very best high-end, one-by-one Russian Volume semi-permanent lash extensions here in Ibiza.

If you’ve ever been curious about the procedure, we asked founder Jayne Brami – who trained in London in 2008 then started specialising as an eyelash technician in Ibiza – to give us ten reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to make that appointment!

1. Well, obviously Lash by Jayne is based here in Ibiza, so of course you’ll get to experience the wonderful white isle! But in addition to that, Jayne’s skills are second to none when it comes to eyelash extensions, creating exclusive and bespoke looks for each client, using a variety of styles and application techniques to achieve the most flattering – or should we say fluttering, yes, pun intended – looks possible. A self-proclaimed lash obsessed lash technician, your lovely lashes are in the most experienced and best of hands.

2. Ready, set, run-out-the-door! Jayne says once you’ve had your eyelash extensions applied, you can relax and indulge in an extra hour of beauty sleep every night, as you’ll wake up looking ready to go in the mornings (or late afternoons, if you’ve been out enjoying Ibiza’s nightlife)!

3. FREE dose of ‘lash-esteem’ with every set of eyelash extensions by Lash by Jayne. What’s that, you say? Lash esteem, the natural confidence boost you get from having beautiful lashes, 24/7…

4. Enjoy the downtime and relax for the entire experience. Lie back and think of… well, anything that makes you happy, as Lash by Jayne get to work on your extensions. Everyone deserves to open their eyes and not only look refreshed, re-energised and re-vamped, but also feel it too, after some well-deserved downtime in the salon.

Lash by Jayne, Ibiza eyelash extensions

5. It’s the A-list secret. Kim does it. J.Lo does it. Eva Longoria, Lindsay Lohan and all the stars you can possibly think of practically rely on their lash extensions, and Lash by Jayne uses the same process they use to get red carpet ready on her clients here in Ibiza every day.

6. Who doesn’t love a sultry, sexy, come hither look… without having to spend hours on their make-up? With eyelash extensions, you’ll be fluttering your lush and lusty lashes for weeks on end… the boys won’t know what hit them! Flirt away…

7. It’s like eight hours sleep in a flutter. With eyelash extensions, your peepers will look fresh and awake all the time, no matter how much sleep you have (or haven’t) had the night before… but shhh! That’s our secret.

Lash by Jayne, Ibiza eyelash extensions

8. It brings out your natural beauty. Sure, the lashes are ‘faux’, but because they’re semi-permanent, they simply enhance your natural beauty. Many Lash by Jayne clients find themselves wearing less make-up after the procedure… a lick of gloss and you’re good to go!

9. People around you will be constantly complimenting you – keep them guessing! Let the flattery roll in, while your friends wonder what exactly is different about you… have you lost weight? Have you got a new boyfriend? You’re glowing… because your secret weapon is Lash by Jayne.

10. It’s totally painless – in fact, many people can even sleep through the application. Just close your eyes, take a Spanish siesta and when you wake up – the process takes between one and a half to three hours, depending on the style of lash you choose – and look in the mirror to see the new and improved you!

Jayne works as an advanced lash artist for many well-known chicas in Ibiza all year round, and is highly recommended by wedding planners, concierge companies, make-up artists and salons… and White Ibiza, of course! 

Lash by Jayne, Ibiza eyelash extensions