Boutique Dos Lunas fashion market: 16.06.10

los dos lunas restaurant-44

Photography by Ana Lui

I love walking through the huge, stone walls of Las Dos Lunas – from the minute you step inside you feel instantly safe and protected from everything else that’s going on outside in the world and completely embraced by the warmth and down-to-earth hospitality of the Lucarini family.

Tonight, Miss W and the White-ettes had been invited to take a sneak preview of the latest fashion collections to arrive in the restaurant’s boutique and take the opportunity to try on our favourites without the pressure of other girls waiting for the change room (or wanting to snap up the best bits before we could!). All over a lovely glass of wine and some Italian style aperitivo at the bewitching hour of sunset – perhaps the most striking time of all to be in the restaurant’s beautiful garden terrace – before settling down for a lovely social dinner at a b-i-i-i-g long table with a select group of friends.

For once, Miss W did not live up to her fashionably late reputation and was first through the door (well, I can sniff out a potential one-off fashion score from a mile away, you know), which meant Boutique Dos Lunas designer Giada Lucarini had our full attention span, so we received a personal piece-by-piece run through of her newest pieces, designed and made in Bali over the winter period. Right then – credit cards at the ready?

Every colour of the rainbow was indulged, in styles that struck the perfect balance between high-end fashion, chic beachwear and current trends, making each piece perfect for Ibiza fashionistas looking for a wardrobe boost while on holidays. Of course, accessories to die for, whether you have a bag, shoe, belt, earring or necklace fetish (all of the above if you’re like me!), were also in abundance, making our early evening outing like the ultimate dress-up experience inside the wardrobe of a Very Glamorous Friend.

My favourite discovery was an all-occasions sassy pink satin dress that can be worn with flip-flops to the beach, with sandals to a restaurant or with vintage boots and a denim jacket to a party. Another White-ette scored an amazing white dress, which (to be honest) looked like a sack on the hanger, but became a chic, figure-flattering number once she tried it on. Me? Jealous? Gosh no – I just plan to go back when she’s not looking and buy the same frock in black!

Las Dos Lunas fashion market: 16/06/10


THE GOOD: To me, the super-stylish Lucarini sisters, Giada and Viviana, are the epitome of true Ibiza style. Both girls ooze an effortlessly chic and cool style that makes me envious in the nicest possible way, as they flit about the restaurant and boutique intuitively ensuring everyone has exactly what they need, be it food, fine wine or a fashion fix – that’d be their Italian heritage coming out then! Do you think they could adopt me as their third sister?

THE BAD: Can somebody please turn the heat up? Ibiza is having an unseasonably chilly month of June, which isn’t conducive to trying on skimpy frocks and parading around a courtyard to get your friends’ opinions. Thankfully, the third glass of wine seemed to errr, ‘regulate’ my body temperature enough to not only try, but also buy my outfit!

THE GOSSIP: While this particular event was a pre-season showing for close friends of the Las Dos Lunas family, we heard whispers that future fashion events are scheduled to take place very soon for the rest of Ibiza’s female population to embrace! Keep your eyes on our weekly diary dates for more information.

Las Dos Lunas fashion market: 16/06/10