Homemade in Ibiza: Summer of studs

Studs are as important to a wardrobe for me as skinny jeans, but much more exciting. That Burberry mac with gold studding over the shoulders sleeves is just about the best version of a mac ever. You can’t get away from the rails of studded collar blouses and customized studded shorts in Zara and the Olsen twins do an amazing job of showing all the different studding you can delve into with their label The Row.

My first dabble into the world of studs was at the age of 15, when I’d been sent to an all girls boarding school because apparently boys were a bad influence on me. Probably not as bad an influence on me as the group of goths I got put in a dorm with. My initiation involved smashing up my 5ive CDs in the bathroom and painting The Crow makeup on before we went shopping for silver studded collars, bracelets and boots. This addiction went on for two years until I finally got expelled – needless to say the purpose of sending me there didn’t really work out.

Ten years later and I was back onto studs and have been ever since. This time though, it’s the far more glamorous gold studs I am into. I am truly obsessed. I search Ebay looking for new shapes and sizes, wondering what Ibiza style they would work on. You have to be careful as the screw ones are too heavy and although they work amazingly with leather, they don’t screw tight enough for thin fabrics – for this you need sew-on ones or those with backs that bend to secure them.

Homemade in Ibiza: Hey studStuds don’t have to be spiky, the rounded flat ones are a little less threatening and look fabulous. They are the ones I used on this vintage lace basque that I found in the HOLALA! Ibiza vintage shop in Ibiza town. Following the lines of the boning looked best for the positioning of the studs. These ones have the spiked backs which you fold down once you’ve pierced and pushed through the plastic

There’s a definite Dolce & Gabbana vibe with the basque which I teamed with high waisted off white leather shorts from The Ragged Priest to give the look some edge (and also just because leather and lace are so great together). To accessorise I added an amazing vintage ‘80s Celine gold chain, double wrapped around my neck from Liz Mendez Vintage. She’s a friend of mine (I mean Liz, not Celine), who has an amazing collection of vintage jewellery and accessories that have been worn by the likes of Beyonce, Jessie J and Kelis.

She also runs the well-known London party called Kubicle, who were hosting the CARNIVAL** night at Sankeys where I decided to showcase this ensemble – one of my new favourite nights to party at this summer.

I call it summer goth glamour – taking all the best bits from my 15-year old schoolgirl style and leaving the fishnets and dog collars in the bin. (I lie – it’s all in my fancy dress box).

Homemade in Ibiza: Hey stud

Bex Pawsey is the creator of the ever-growing beccaboo reworked range – customised items created with unwanted goodies found here on the white isle. For more info on sales and commissions, email bex.pawsey@me.com

**Sankeys Ibiza are giving away guestlist to all White Ibiza readers for CARNIVAL this Saturday… just email your full name/s to lee@sankeys.info – free list closes at 1am and then it’s 10€ after.