Ibiza beauty blog: 5 ways to beat the heat

The recent summer heatwave means a whole new slew of Ibiza beauty dilemmas
to deal with, from sweaty skin and frizzy hair to sunburn, breakouts and make-up that just slides right off your face! Ibiza hair and make-up experts Sara Muhammed and Corina Smith of Smack Ibizaare here to the rescue – they’ve seen it (and more importantly, fixed it!) all before!

Photography by Maria Simon.

1. The sweaty sheen. Our poor skin in summer! From the glaring rays of the sun to the drying effects of the indoor air-conditioning, it’s hard to keep up. Sadly, a sweaty sheen in summer isn’t one of those looks we can pass of as ‘glowing’ – rather, it’s a problem we need to combat in order to keep looking our best. Corina recommends always using a lightweight, oil-free, high protection sunscreen (citing La Roche-Posay 50+ as her favourite, found here in pharmacies) in the sun to avoid blocking your pores and creating a buildup of sweat. Sara points out that in warm weather, your regular foundation may change consistency, so it’s best to store it in the fridge to avoid it sliding all over your face on application. ‘Try a waterproof, silicone based formula like MAC Air Brushing Fluid and always carry blotting papers or powder to avert a shine instantly.’ And for those who aren’t quite prepared and discover a shiny nose in a glamorous club – never fear. ‘You can use kleenex or toilet paper to blot the sheen – just dab it, don’t wipe.’


2. Fight the frizz. Ibiza’s humidity is a nightmare for those of us who suffer from eternal frizziness, especially at night – which of course, is exactly when we want to look our best! Corina advises treating your hair with leave-in conditioner when hitting the beach to help prevent the onset of frizz, while Sara swears by having a Keratin protein blowdry at your local salon before setting off for Ibiza. If you haven’t got the right products in your suitcase, call in the pros – Smack will come direct to your hotel, villa or apartment for a professional blowdry (or a super cool boho-braid!). White’s very own Miss W has her very own tip to beat the frizz – just dab a tiny bit of lip balm on your fingertips to smooth down any flyways. If you suffer from the opposite and find oily hair a problem, a dry shampoo (available from pharmacies in Ibiza) will provide an instant boost, and failing that, a shake of talcum powder on the roots should get them back to normal!

3. Beating breakouts. Blame the humidity, the excessive partying, lack of sleep, not taking your make-up off at night, the sunshine, the boogie – whatever the reason to blame for your breakouts, one thing is for sure. A big spot is going to ruin those holiday photos! Good news, according to Sara, is that there IS a fast fix – the new REN anti-blemish range, a herbal clay cleanser and masque that helps to draw out impurities and revive your skin. Other DIY options include adding a few drops of anti-inflammatory lavender oil to your regular skincare, take a vitamin C supplement as soon as you wake up and above all, don’t smother it with make-up! A good tinted moisturizer will even your skin tone without drawing attention to the blemis, followed by carefully applied concealer.

4. Sizzled skin. When will holidaymakers ever learn? From top to toe, sun protection is essential – a few hours sin sunscreen isn’t going to speed up the tanning process. Rather, it’s going to result in sizzled, lobster-esque skin that doesn’t recover for the duration of your holidays – again, just think of the photos! Sara advises always wearing a hat (that boho wide-brimmed look is so hot right now!) or a sheer kaftan, sitting under an umbrella and using a minimum of SPF 30+ all over. ‘Don’t forget your lips! MAC do a great lip balm with SPF 15, meaning you can still have some colour and style in the sea!’ If the damage is already done, Corina’s tips to soothe and repair include mixing lavender oil with your after sun lotion, applying a cool face pack and lots of moisture. Ibiza lover Kate Moss swears by dunking into a bowl of iced water – only for the brave! Ibuprofen will help reduce the swelling, and Sara reminds us that Ibiza is full of Mother Nature’s most amazing natural after-sun cure: Aloe Vera, just snap off a stem and smother yourself! A light exfoliation will help with skin peeling (not too rough now, you hear?) and again, look to the earth for the very best: a handful of sand mixed with salty sea water.


5. Melting make-up. The secret to stop your make-up melting when the thermometer soars over 30, according to Smack, is prepping your skin properly. Start with a skin primer like REN balancing and mattifying lotion and use MAC Prep & Prime for the eyes to create a smooth canvas. This will help to retain your foundation (try the lightweight MAC Studio Fix, where you can control the coverage), eyeshadow and eyeliner (though a waterproof blend is recommended) all night long, and to touch up, remember to pack a MAC blotting powder in your purse. For cheeks and lips, a stain is your best bet, long-lasting all night colour that won’t need to be touched up… just a slick of balm and you’re good to go!