Ibiza beauty blog: Tan-tastic

It’s pretty much a fact of life that everyone looks better with a tan (with a few notable exceptions of course!). Sporting a natural looking, sunkissed glow makes most people feel brighter and healthier (even if we’re not!), so when you’re planning a holiday in Ibiza – where everyone is tanned and beautiful no matter where you look – there’s the little issue of wanting to be tanned before we arrive to look good on the beach, and in the bars, restaurants and clubs. Not so easy though when you’re coming direct from the stress of a 9-5 work week in the UK at this time of year!

The obvious answer to this age old dilemma is to invest in a high quality faux tan before you leave home or (our top tip) leave it to the professionals and get pampered by Ibiza beauty experts Smack Ibiza when you arrive in your hotel, apartment or villa, with a fast, professional and undetectable tan by the hot new name in spray tanning, BeauBronz.

BeauBronz is completely free of all harsh chemicals, parabens and drying alcohol, so it leaves you with a completely natural looking tan, that develops and adapts naturally according to your own skin tone. And of course, this saves your skin from the damaging effects of the harsh sun.

In preparation for your holiday and spray tan appointment, Smack Ibiza advise their clients to start exfoliating a week in advance if possible to ensure the best possible results. Begin with a dry body brush to leave your skin silky smooth (and aids circulation) followed by a hydrating exfoliating cream like Abi O Creamy Exfoliating Scrub – available as part of the BeauBronz non-professional range – to leave skin prepped and ready for bronzing.


The BeauBronz experience is amazingly short and sweet. After stripping down to your knickers, you are first gently sprayed from top to toe (literally, in a downwards motion) with the Exfoliese Professional pre-tan exfoliating spray, which is then gently removed with a soft body mitt to leave the skin perfectly prepped and ready to tan.

Next up is the quick and easy tan itself. Results depend on your own skin tone (there are three shades available) and the tan is sprayed gently and evenly over the whole body, repeated twice to ensure perfect coverage. Once the tan has been applied, a post-tan hydrating lock in spray is applied. This aids in locking in the product in to ensure an even, perfect colour and also gives a moisturising boost to the skin. After five minutes (yep, that’s all folks!) it’s time to regain your modesty and get dressed – the tan dries super fast, although it’s recommended to wear a loose fitting garment to be safe.

Your BeauBronz tan can last for up to ten days with the right maintenance, even longer if you use the Abi O Gradual Tan Extender, an ultra hydrating cream to soothe the skin and keep your tan from fading.

But don’t forget! Just because you look beautifully tanned, it doesn’t mean you’re safe from the sun’s harsh rays on the beach (an easy trap to fall into). Smack Ibiza recommend using an organic sunscreen following on from your BeauBronz treatment, as normal SPFs contain alcohol which can affect the longevity of the tan and cause colour to diminish. Once you’ve slathered an SPF 30 all over, you’re ready to hit the beach… looking like you’ve been in Ibiza all summer long! Tan-tastic!